The Famous Spiegeltent: La Clique

CTC The Famous Spiegeltent La CliquIt’s not often you get to see a show starring a Queen and a Prince. But that’s what you get in the latest edition of La Clique currently playing in The Famous Spiegeltent, currently residing in opulent splendour in front of the Canberra Theatre Centre.

To experience a show in The Famous Spiegeltent is a unique theatrical experience in itself, and certainly one to be savoured. This remarkable old relic, built by master craftsmen in Belgium in the 1920’s, travels the world, showcasing its wares in a deliciously decadent packaging of antique wood panelled mirrors, stained glass windows and red velvet curtains.

Happily ensconced in one of the several cosy booths which surround the stage, it’s easy to believe that Marlene Dietrich actually performed for audiences in this very tent. So why not! Indeed, mouths dropped in disbelief as the Queen, in full coronation regalia, entered the room, and with a wicked twinkle in her eye, proceeded to address the audience.

Closer inspection confirmed that she was none other than comedian Gerry Connolly who convulsed the audience with wicked comments directed at Canberra in particular, and the state of the Commonwealth in general.

Expect the unexpected with La Clique. This classy, award winning revue was first conceived in 2004, as an entertainment to be performed in the Famous Spiegeltent, (owned by former Canberran, David Bates), at Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Since then the show has travelled the world, sometimes performing in permanent theatres for extended periods, but usually, as in Canberra, in The Famous Spiegletent.

For the Canberra season of La Clique, Bates has assembled a small company of world-class physical theatre artists and musicians who pay homage to the hundreds of artists who have preceded them, with 21st Century versions of acts which have been performed in The Famous Spiegeltent for almost a century.

Among them, the lavishly costumed Vicky Butterfly, who manipulates a huge silk cloak infused with multi-coloured lights, to spectacularly replicate a similar act originally performed by Loie Fuller at the Folies Bergere in the 1890’s, and later in a luxurious cloud of white ostrich feathers performing a version of the elegant fan dance famously created by Sally Rand in the 1920’s.

German acrobat, Omar Cortes, channelling megastar, Prince, performs La Clique sexy bathtub signature act to the sounds of Purple Rain. Dripping wet and swinging on straps high over the heads of brave front-rowers cowering below under plastic, Cortes executes hair-raising stunts between plunges into the white enamel bath tub.

Perhaps the loveliest act in the show begins with a young girl (Felice Aguilar) sitting beside a baby grand piano enraptured by a piece of classical music being played by Gerry Connolly. Seemingly inspired by the music, the girl moves to a table which has a small turntable in the centre.

She then proceeds to perform a series of mesmerising manoeuvres in an act which is both artistic and spellbinding. Demonstrating her versatility, Aguilar teams with dancer Chris Myland, in another part of the show, to perform a stunning apache-style adagio routine which leaves the audience gasping.

Each performer in this edition of La Clique is at the top of their game. All have perfected acts which require incredible physical skill and control, and all know how to connect with their audience. None more so than handsome pole aerialist, Remi Martin, who, after being caught with his pants down, proceeds to thrill and delight with his incredible human fly feats performed on a pole reaching to the very roof of the Spiegeltent.

Rubber-faced Sophie Zucchini makes her first entrance under a huge black hat, and then demonstrates her amazing flexibility performing gracefully on lengths of silk.  But it is her hanky panky with a red silk hanky that few who see it will forget. Most magicians simply take off their jacket to demonstrate that they have nothing hidden up their sleeve. But not Sophie… she goes further… much, much further with her unforgettable act which is stylish, funny and extraordinarily entertaining.

All the acts in La Clique are accompanied with live music from Melbourne combo, The Shuffle Club. Their excellent arrangements provide the necessary drama and excitement and also highlight the musicianship of Dannie Bourne (piano), Ashley Gordian (saxophone), Rod Gilbert (drums) Marty Hayley (Guitar) and James on double bass.

Adding glamour and finesse to the superb sounds of The Shuffle Club is glamorous New York chanteuse, Kelly Wolfram, whose warm, flexible vocals are showcased in a sultry blues solo during the show. The transitions between the acts are smooth and efficient, but made particularly memorable by wry Master of Ceremonies, Paul Zenon, who is perhaps not the most competent magician in the world, but certainly among the most entertaining.

For anyone who enjoys top-class physical theatre, stylish burlesque, heart-stopping thrills and glamour, La Clique performed in The Famous Spiegeltent is about as good as it gets!

La Clique
The Famous Spiegeltent, Civic Square, Canberra
Season continues to 14 March 2016
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Review: Bill Stephens