The Course for Understanding Life’s Turmoils and Learning to Intuit Future Events

MF21-Eddie-PattisonHave you ever felt that you can predict the future? That you might be better at forecasting events than others around you?

That YOU might have what it takes to take control over your destiny but you don’t know where to begin? Well don’t despair, The Course for Understanding Life’s Turmoils and Learning to Intuit Future Events has the answers you seek.

Eddie Pattison has done the research, most of it, so you don’t have to. They have read the book… parts of the book…. enough to construct a three part course on what is a Superforecaster and how you can see if you are one.

With many artists needing to pivot (can we please retire this word in 2022) to an online medium, it is refreshing to see that this work excels on this platform and is presented in such a way that elevates the work creatively and allows for a richer experience.

Eddie has divided the course into three parts, each jam packed with information and quips on the history of Superforecasting and what tests you need to pass to see if you potentially could be one. This three part format works extremely well as there is a lot of information to get through, sometimes too much.

There are moments when the explanations, theories and historical journey of Superforecasting is a little overwhelming – with such large concepts being presented, there were moments where segments of the work needed repeating. Again, this is where the digital format works, as it allows for missed information to be played again until understood.

Eddie Pattison is a marvelous instructor, guiding the work with cheeky vigour, they keep the flow and pace rolling with the intense energy of an 80s used car salesman.

They have a disarming confident calm manner that is equally enticing and engaging, an almost sinister syncopation that would see even the toughest among us crack and hand over their credit card information.

Shifting the work to it’s digital format has also meant that the style and production values have been creatively crafted to reflect an 80s VHS aesthetic, that never feels completely polished. Graphics, synth and gags are perfectly timed and used to add a cheeky pop of wit and much needed segways to break up the wordy dialogue.

To really maximise the experience, it is advised to engage with the website as a whole before starting the course – download the workbook, join the forum, get to know the team, brew the tea, plate up the biscuits and settle in to see if you have what it takes to be the next great Superforecaster.

The Course for Understanding Life’s Turmoils and Learning to Intuit Future Events
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Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Eddie Pattison (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach