The Cope Street Parade

Cope Street Parade Volume 2 media releaseSydney based jazz outfit, The Cope Street Parade will make their return to the stage in a national tour to launch their latest album The Cope Street Parade: Volume Two.

The Cope Street Parade is the creation of four young dynamic musicians who combine their love of traditional jazz with the energy and virtuosity of the 21st century. With a broad repertoire of jazz classics, in addition to original compositions, The Cope Street Parade can melt your heart with a tender ballad before launching into gypsy-swing that is guaranteed to bring dancers to their feet.

Capturing the spirit and warmth of early jazz styles, the band successfully blurs the line between the contemporary and the classic. Embracing influences such as Louis Armstrong, Fats Waller, Louis Prima and Django Reinhardt, The Cope Street Parade create their own unique style of Australian swing music.

Hailing from Sydney, Australia and formed in 2009, the band has performed at a number of major music festivals across Australia, including the Wangaratta Festival of Jazz, Sydney Festival, Bellingen Jazz Festival, Manly Jazz Festival and Jazzgroove Summer Festival.

They were the official band for ‘Movember’ in 2012 performing nationally as part of the Movember awareness campaign. The band has collaborated with Lulo Reinhardt, Christa Hughes, Geoff Bull and Bob Henderson to produce two albums and perform many sold out performances.

The Cope Street Parade: Volume Two is the fourth release by the band and the second in a four-part anthology to be released through Yum Yum Tree Records. The sequel to Volume One expands upon the already established style of the group as the band draws on more sophisticated sonic textures found in folk, pop and traditional gypsy music within their song writing abilities.

The Cope Street Parade: Volume Two album will be released on 3 October 2014, followed by a national tour consisting of 18 performances. The four core members of the group perform on saxophone (Justin Fermino), two guitars (Aaron Flower, Ben Panucci) and double bass (Sam Dobson). For this album they are augmented by violin, piano accordion, mandolin and a 14-piece big band.

Popular amongst audience’s young and old alike you’ll be sure to bound to your feet when Cope Street Parade rolls through.

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Image: The Cope Street Parade