The Butterfly Club turns 20

The Butterfly Club - photo by Stano MurinSurely, you’ve been to Melbourne’s iconic Butterfly Club? Your eyes feasting on the walls of kitsch, the revolving cocktail list (including the much loved ‘cocktail of the week’), the joyous staff and gorgeous performances spaces. If not, you need to change that! If you know what we’re talking about, you’ll understand why this party is going to be huge!

With a curated line up of the club’s favourite performers, some of whom started their careers in these very walls (or the walls of the previous home in South Melbourne); this is not like any regular 20 years olds birthday party. This will be an event!

Hosted by Melbourne’s favourite cabaret wineo Tash York, the birthday line up includes Patrick Collins, Gillian Cosgriff, Clara Cupcakes, Trevor Jones, Jude Perl, Anna Piper Scott, Simon Taylor, Alice Tovey & Ned Dixon, Tina Del Twist and Sammy J (if he makes it on time!).

A 20 year old club that hosts over 1100 performances a year means there is going to be one hell of an invite list! Too popular for its own good, the event will be hosted at Max Watts (around the corner on Swanston Street), because let’s face it, this gala turned party is set to be a sell out. There will also be a limited number of after party tickets back at The Butterfly Club available as well – get in quick, these will sellout…

The Butterfly Club’s 20th Birthday Gala  
Max Watts, 125 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Event: Monday 25 November 2019 – 7.00pm

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: The Butterfly Club – photo by Stano Murin