The Amazing Cannonball Flower

MF21-The-Aamazing-Cannonball-Flower-Aarti-Vincent-James-G-Warren-Kru-HaraleThe Amazing Cannonball Flower brings three very clever and whip smart performers together in a series of stand ups and sketches.

Aarti Vincent opens the work with a hilarious and perfectly paced stand up routine – taking insightful swipes at religion, family and the patriarchy, with a fresh and cheeky perspective.

Upside Down World brings the three performers together in the first of two skits – a fantastically written piece in which women of colour have more privilege and power than white men. What follows is a no holds barred inversion of patriarchal tropes and a satirical take down of the barriers that women of colour face.

James G Warren’s dry delivery is utterly endearing and their self deprecating humour never fails to land. Even with a digital format, Warren manages to engage with their brand of delightful long form and word play comedy style.

Originally written by Anton Chekov, The Art of Seduction is an adaptation where the audience follows a serial seducer as she outlines how to steal a man’s wife right out from under him. While not the strongest of the two skits, this work is nevertheless strongly written and has great potential with further development.

Kru Harale rounds out the works with a very confident and very funny stand up set – guiding the audience through their musings on sex, relationships, babies and the many awkward moments that they manage to create. Harale is an absolute delight to watch and a charismatic comedian that never fails to nail a joke.

The Amazing Cannonball Flower adds a wonderful dose of humour and variety to the Fringe line up and showcases three performers on the rise.

The Amazing Cannonball Flower
Melbourne Fringe Digital On Demand
Season continues to 17 October 2021
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Image: Aarti Vincent, James G Warren and Kru Harale (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach