The 8 Best Crystals for Aspiring Artists and Creatives

A-selection-of-CrystalsWhen you love to do something, it becomes second nature. The ideas and creativity flow out of your body and mind very quickly. Sadly, it’s not the same every day. You’ll sometimes experience a creative block, and other times, you lack inspiration. And there will be times you’ll doubt yourself and your capabilities.  

These are all normal processes of creating something. But if you depend on your creativity for self-fulfilment and your need to earn a living, you cannot let it slide and wait for inspiration’s return. You must do something and be proactive. Here’s where crystal or gemstone can help you.  

Crystals are powerful stones that have healing and protective properties. Ancient civilizations have used them for thousands of years to promote well-being, enhance physical health, boost mental clarity and focus, enhance creativity and inspiration, and provide spiritual support.  

Each crystal can harness different energy to contribute to your specific needs. Artists and those in the creative industry have been using crystals to help them in various ways. This post will list the different kinds of crystals and how they can help aspiring artists and creatives, so read on.  

Amethyst For Creativity 
Amethyst is a beautiful purple crystal believed to enhance imagination and intuition. When you use amethyst in your meditation or wear an amethyst bracelet, it can tap into your creative vision so you can come up with new and innovative ideas.  

More importantly, it can help clear your mind of negative thoughts. So, if you are feeling self-doubt, it might be best to wear it or put it in your bag. This crystal can also calm and soothe your mind so you can release any tension or stress that may be blocking your creativity. 

Carnelian For Motivation 
Carnelian’s fiery orange glow is enough to shake your senses and bring back the passion dimming your creativity. It’s said to help people get out of being stuck on a stationary idea and help them think out of the box.  

People who need an extra push to finish or start projects may use the power or carnelian to give them self-confidence and courage. This is especially helpful for those who may be having self-doubts and have immense stage fright because of the fear of failure.

Aspiring artists out for an audition may keep a carnelian in their pocket to motivate them and bring out their A-game during the performance. 

Clear Quartz For Healing 
Clear quartz is believed to amplify energy and promote healing. If you’re feeling sluggish and drained, you can harness the power of this crystal through meditation. And if you feel like you’re too stressed to show up to work or accomplish a project, you can find your centre and relax your mind with this gemstone. 

If you see other artists displaying a can-do attitude, best believe you can also have it if you clean out your emotional and mental closet to get the good stuff flowing with the help of a clear quartz crystal. 

Citrine For Manifestation 
Citrine is like sunshine in the palm of your hands. If you want to manifest abundance and attract success and prosperity, use this bright yellow crystal.

Artists who wear this get surprised by their immense self-confidence and belief in their abilities. Nothing can stop them, and they become daring in taking more giant steps toward their dreams.  

If you want a positive outlook, stay focused on your goal and take your career to the next level, wear this pretty yellow crystal or meditate with it.  

Selenite For Clarity 
Sometimes negative thoughts can distract artists and creatives. There might be issues in your personal life that affect your creative flow and distract you from your primary objective, which is to create a beautiful piece of work.  

The transparent, white crystal selenite can help clear your mind and give it clarity and focus. This can tap into your inner vision and overcome creative block.  

Selenite also promotes inner peace amidst the chaos of one’s surroundings. When you’re afraid and feel so much uncertainty in your artistic vision, hold onto a selenite crystal to help you create a harmonious space to express your thoughts and creativity effectively.  

Lapis Lazuli For Inner Wisdom And Truth
Artists like you may sometimes feel very sure about one thing. But there are times so many ideas are in your head that you don’t know which one to listen to. If that’s the case, you need a crystal to guide you. The mysterious blue gemstone lapis lazuli can help you find your inner artistic truth.

You can use lapis lazuli to enhance intuition so you’re adequately guided on which artistic direction to take to lead you to success. The inner peace and tranquillity it gives can help you find your unique voice to express yourself authentically.  

Aventurine For Opportunity 
If you’re an artist who dreams of expanding your reach, you can use aventurine to harness and attract abundance and open new doors. Also, if you are an artist who’s still unsure about your creative path, this crystal can help you identify your purpose in this world.  

Fluorite For Inspiration And Productivity 
You may sometimes feel that the idea is right there, but you can’t pull it out of your head. Fluorite, the focus stone, can help clear your mind so inspiration can flow easily.  

The swirling bands of rainbow amidst a transparent background can have a calming effect on your body. It can also be a great ally to have in any artistic endeavour. You’re sure to finish many tasks as it can help clear a path in your mind so you can accomplish many things.  

How To Use These Gemstones 
There are many ways to tap into the energies of these crystals, some of which are: 

  • Wearing them on your body like a charm 
  • Meditating with them 
  • Placing them in your favourite spot in your workspace or studio 
  • Holding them in your hands as you recite your morning affirmations daily 
  • Putting them in your pocket 
  • Placing them inside your bag  

Find the best method for you and see how these crystals transform your creativity. 

Crystals or gemstones can help you in many ways in your artistic process. But remember success still relies on your skills, talent, and hard work.

Sure, these crystals will help you overcome self-doubt to tap into your inner creativity, but it is up to you to do the work. With these crystals, you can ignite your passion and become more confident in your abilities.  

Image: A selection of Crystals (supplied)