The 24 Hour Experience

event-img-24-hr-experienceInvoking a journey like no other live event, The 24 Hour Experience will see a band of like-minded art explorers travel through a transformative 24 hours. Harking back to the classic notion of adventure, this one-off happening will transfigure Melbourne’s landscape, spaces and inhabitants into an unknown terrain to be excavated and examined.

Beginning at Fed Square, The 24 Hour Experience takes place in locations including the State Library, the Magistrates’ Court, Melbourne City Baths, Malthouse Theatre, the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, Princes Bridge, the Queen Victoria Gardens and other mystery locations.

The 24 Hour Experience is durational and unique, characterised by intimate and experiential works that integrate its audience into the encounter. At times The 24 Hour Experience draws audience members into its commentary, to become characters in a ‘living documentary’ of the city.

Tread the much-walked paths of public spaces such as the GPO toilets with new eyes, or enter the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine for a perspective historically hidden from public view.

The 24 pieces have been created through engaging with a series of community organisations, bringing together a group of Victoria’s leading artists, including conceiving artist Gorkem Acaroglu, writer Raimondo Cortese, film director Jonathan auf der Heide, Sapidah Kian, Penelope Bartlau, Georgina Naidu, Susie Dee, Zoe Scoglio, Elizabeth Dunn, Darius Kedros and Greg Ulfan.

This one-off opportunity will quench a thirst for uncharted territory in a cityscape: explorers, art lovers and travellers alike, banding together across 12 hours of day and 12 hours of night to collect and create the untold stories of Melbourne and its people.

The 24 Hour Experience is runs from noon March 29 until noon March 30 2014. The 24 hour passes to the event are fully catered for, including food, drink and quiet places to snatch a quick catnap during the experience. 12 Hour passes are also available for purchase.

The 24 Hour Experience is presented as part of the 2014 Festival of Live Art (FOLA). For more information, visit: or for details.