Tess Branchflower: Mind the Gap (Year)

MICF-Tess-BranchflowerWhy do so many Aussies move to London? A couple of hundred years ago, England loaded all the fun people onto a boat and sent them to Australia. Mind the Gap (Year) answers the question, why do so many Aussies go back?

Many Aussies do, and Tess Branchflower found herself in a back-and-forth relationship with London. Her narrative comedy shares anecdotes as her fantasy about life in London dissolves and the reality sinks in.

Within the first few seconds, Branchflower had engaged one section of the audience, sending them into enthusiastic and supportive laughter.

Throughout the rest of the show, she built on that core base until everyone was in her clutches, with an ebb and flow of laughter through the show.

Branchflower touched on some travel cliches. But her touch was light. It was more like she acknowledged them, to discard them, and then shared her authentic observations.

Those observations will be something anyone who has had a love affair with two cities at the same time will relate to. For Branchflower, it was Melbourne and London. For me, Melbourne and Adelaide. Which cities is it for you?

When you walk in and see the solitary microphone on a stand in the middle of the stage with two speakers on either side, you expect a straightforward, classic standup routine. Yet Branchflower weaved a clever use of audio into her show.

The biggest thing that comes across about Branchflower is how smart she is. She fills her travel comedy with a combination of introspection and wry observations. Pure pleasure!

Tess Branchflower: Mind the Gap (Year)
Campari House, 23-25 Hardware Lane, Melbourne
Performance: Saturday 1 April 2023 – 5.30 pm
Season continues to 9 April 2023
Information and Bookings: www.comedyfestival.com.au

Image: Tess Branchflower (supplied)

Review: Daniel G. Taylor