TEMPUS: Celebrating Fine Lines Dance Co’s ten years as Melbourne’s only mature dancer’s collective

Fine-Lines-Dance-Co-Tempus-Artefact-photo-by-Robert-WagnerFine Lines Dance Co presents Tempus – four new contemporary works featuring 25 company dancers (aged 40-80) to mark ten years as Melbourne’s only mature dancer’s collective, at Dancehouse on Saturday 25 November 2023.

“Fine Lines is an intergenerational company of lifelong artists who identify deeply as dancers. We challenge stereotypes, debunk myths and present new work that pushes us to grow as artists,” said Artistic Director, Katrina Rank.

Tempus celebrates the strength, diversity, creativity and artistry of older female performers and signals a key point in Fine Lines Dance Co’s evolution. It is about the time we have on this earth and what we decide to do with it.

Through Tempus, Fine Lines Dance Co presents works by four company choreographers: Kym King, Moments in Time; Angelina Nicole, The Mark: Fall; Shannon Parsons, Only falling cats land on their feet; and Katrina Rank, Artefact.

Diverse in their choreographic approaches and performative modes, the works are rich in imagery  and grounded in embodied memory: of autumn leaves crumbling in hand and underfoot, moments of trauma and joy and the tidal nature of mental health and life.

The works move between poignant and playful, from honest storytelling to wildly unreliable histories, boldly supported by sparkling jewellery, red lipstick and a common cabbage.

“From the very beginning, Fine Lines has been remarkable in the way it celebrates the creativity, innovation and lifelong experiences of its dancers. The works we produce together are proof of this, and show the wonderful depth and artistry of older performers,” said Fine Lines company founding member, Jenny Barnett.

Choreographers: Kym King, Angelina Nicole, Shannon Parsons, Katrina Rank | Performers: Madeleine Aikenhead, Jenny Barnett, Susan Bendall, Karen Berzins, Meredith Blackburn, Sally Campbell, Joanna Carroll, Philippa Costigan, Belinda Cussen, Lou Duckett, Anne Gartner, Kym King, Judy Leech, Holly Marshall, Kathryn Niesche, Angelina Nicole, Elena Osalde, Shannon Parsons, Ellise Peart, Katrina Rank, Kate Reed, Rosemary Simons, Catherine Underhill, Kim Vincs, Anna White | Production: Katrina Rank with Kim Vincs | Video: Takeshi Kondo | Editor: Katrina Rank | Lighting Design &  Operation: Jamie Henson | Stage Manager: Swann Biguet | Assistant Stage Manager: Jordan Diehl

Dancehouse, 150 Princes Street, North Carlton
Performances: Saturday 25 November 2023 – 3.00pm & 7.00pm
Bookings: www.dancehouse.com.au

For mote information, visit: www.finelinesdance.com.au for details.

Image: Fine Lines Dance Co presents Artefact as part of the Tempus program – photo by Robert Wagner