Telethon Kid

Malthouse-Theatre-Telethon-Kid-William-Rees-photo-by-Tamarah-ScottThe Malthouse Theatre presents Alistair Baldwin’s thought-provoking debut comedy, Telethon Kid, in the Beckett Theatre from 28 July 2023.

Sam’s adoring subscribers would describe him as an inspiration, and Instagram’s honey of disability positivity activism.

Sam would describe himself as having one foot in the grave, the other in the bed of his latest hook-up – turns out a rare degenerative disease is just what you need to live a little #itsgivingblessed

After rising to fame as the poster child of Perth Children’s Hospital 2007 Telethon, Sam reunites alongside his paediatric doctor-come-lover when they are nominated for a coveted research grant from big pharma.

In a sexy ethical nightmare, the fearless influencer probes the shortcomings of a world that repeatedly fights those whom it’s meant to help.

Comedian, thought leader, and disabled ingenue Alistair Baldwin’s debut comedy starring William Rees, Ashley Apap, Max Brown (Nosferatu), and Effie Nkrumah and directed by Besen Family Artist Program 2020 alumni Hannah Fallowfield gleefully straddles the ethical ambiguities of doctor patient relationships and self-expression.

Director: Hannah Fallowfield | Featuring: Ashley Apap, Max Brown, Effie Nkrumah, William Rees | Dramaturg: Mark Pritchard | Set & Costume Designer: Christina Smith | Lighting Designer: Rachel Lee | Composition & Sound Designer: Danni A. Esposito | Stage Manager: Cointha Walkede | Intimacy Coordinator: Amy Cater | Disability Culture & Access Consultant: Zoe Boesen | Vocal Coach: Suzanne Heywood | Video Creation: Peter Frith | Interns: Jessica Smart (Stage Management), Mikailah Looker (Wardrobe), Kiara Brown (Set & Costume) | Writer: Alistair Baldwin

Telethon Kid
Beckett Theatre – The Malthouse, 113 Sturt Street, Southbank
Season: 2 – 13 August 2023 (previews: 28 July – 1 August)
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Image: William Rees stars as Sam in Telethon Kid – photo by Tamarah Scott