The Blue Room Chaos Ensemble Nick Maclaine - photo by Very Serious Photography.jpgIt’s Reservoir Dogs meets Finding Nemo as Chaos Ensemble presents TANK at The Blue Room Theatre until 29 October 2016.

Three fish swim peacefully in an aquarium. The coral is bright but life is dull. When a fourth fish is introduced into the tank, their status quo is confronted and life begins to take a turn for the worse. The temperature rises, food is scarce, and a fight for survival begins. Primitive instincts are brought to the fore as the world they know collapses around them.

A cautionary tale, TANK is a brutal reflection of our absurdly volatile relationship with the environment and each other. Adapt or die, it’s a fish-eat-fish world out there and one of them has to go. What would you sacrifice to survive?

Chaos Ensemble is an eclectic group of local artists exploring the outer limits of performance and creating engaging and unpredictable works in a celebration of chaos. TANK is their third production following on from I’m Not Alright (2015 / 2016) and Death Stole My Dad (2015).

Writer & Director: Daley King Featuring: Nick Maclaine, Izzy McDonald, Geordie Crawley, Tristan McInnes Lighting Designer: Scott McArdle Set Designer: Sara Chirichilli Costume Designer: Sophie Braham Stage Manager: Georgia Smith Producer: Natalie Di Risio

The Blue Room Theatre, Perth Cultural Centre, Northbridge
Season continues to 29 October 2016
Bookings: www.blueroom.org.au

For more information, visit: www.chaosensemble.com.au for details.

Image: Nick Maclaine features in Chaos Ensemble’s TANK – photo by Very Serious Photography