Synergy Percussion launches unique New Media Art Installation

Syneryg Percussion Damian Barbeler Messy Sounds (video still)Australia’s premier percussion ensemble, Synergy Percussion will unveil one of its most ambitious projects in the organisation’s 42-year history, when it releases 40Under40 – a unique New Media Art project consisting of a slew of newly commissioned audio-visual artworks and exhibited on a free public platform.

Commissioned, composed and recorded over a course of a year, 40Under40 combines the musical skills of the ensemble with the talents of video artists such as Sam James, Matthew McGuigan, Sam Brumby and Sabrina Organo, and is a collection of 40 short audio-visual pieces featuring contemporary new music which has been independently commissioned by individuals, and devised by 40 composers from around the world.

“This really is a contemporary art project. The composers we’ve commissioned represent an extensive snapshot of what’s going on in the world in terms of contemporary art music,” said Synergy artistic director, Timothy Constable. “At the same time we’ve worked with a team of great contemporary video artists who’ve created these truly wonderful visuals that are as much a part of the artwork as the music.”

“All the pieces are deliberately created to be shared online and through social media. We don’t know of any project quite like it, and we’re very proud to be exploring new avenues for getting contemporary art out into the world”.

Visitors to the curated online space will have the opportunity to hear from some of the world’s best virtuoso percussionists and drummers across a broad range of contemporary genres offering a unique way to experience of what is currently happening in international contemporary music. Composers featured within the project include Elena Kats Chernin, Michael Gordon and Paul Stanhope, among others.

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Damian Barbeler, Messy Sounds (video still)