Symphonie of the Bicycle – A Hilarious Ride of Self-Discovery

Brink Productions Symphonie of the Bicycle Hew ParhamGet ready for an unforgettable theatrical experience as HotHouse Theatre, in collaboration with Brink Productions, proudly presents Symphonie of the Bicycle at the Butter Factory Theatre this June.

This uproarious and touching one-man show, written by and starring the multi-talented Hew Parham, takes audiences on a comedic journey through cycling, obsession, envy, ambition, winning and losing, and the challenges of mid-life self-discovery.

Symphonie of the Bicycle delves into the life of Hew, an aspiring cyclist trapped in a cycle of dead-end jobs and missed opportunities. His story is hilariously juxtaposed with the tale of Gino Bartali, the legendary two-time Tour de France champion who bravely risked his life during WWII to save Jewish people by transporting documents in his bicycle.

“This extremely entertaining and compelling production will have you gripping your seat one minute and belly laughing the next,” says HotHouse’s CEO, Terese Casu. “One man’s quest for glory and heroism unfolds with a bicycle. A must-see for bike riders and theatre lovers alike.”

Under the direction of acclaimed Adelaide theatre director Chris Drummond, this show combines outrageous characters with a narrative that spans across time, crafting an absurdly humorous yet deeply moving depiction of the search for meaning and heroism.

“This show is an entertaining blend of comedy and tragedy, reflecting the highs and lows of life. The music and lighting create an epic atmosphere, enhancing the story I am so passionate about sharing,” said Parham.

In a bid to reduce carbon emissions and encourage eco-friendly travel, HotHouse Theatre has launched the lycra-friendly Green Matinee initiative.

Bike enthusiasts and riding groups are encouraged to ride their bicycles to the theatre on Saturday 29 June 2024 for Symphonie of the Bicycle’s 2:00pm session, making theatre-going a fun, family-friendly outing despite the winter weather. Rewards for riders include a gourmet pre-show BBQ and discounted tickets.

“The Green Matinee is a great initiative that combines a fun physical activity in bike riding with a sustainable transport option and a cultural experience all in one,” says Kylie King, Mayor of AlburyCity. “I fully support anything that can provide so many community benefits in a single event.”

“To claim these perks, participants can prove their ride at the box office by presenting a selfie taken during their journey, sharing their travel story, or displaying some seriously sweaty lycra gear,” explains HotHouse’s Terese Casu.

Brink Productions is renowned for its innovative and captivating Australian theatre, and Symphonie of the Bicycle is no exception. This remarkable production promises to strike a chord with audiences, offering a blend of humour and introspection on life’s absurdities and the resilience of the human spirit.

“When I first saw this production, I knew it would resonate deeply with our local audiences,” says Artistic Director, Karla Conway. “Audiences will be swept away by the sheer inventiveness and emotional depth of Hew’s performance. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions that will leave you thinking long after the final bow.”

Don’t miss your chance to be swept away by the sheer inventiveness and emotional depth of Symphonie of the Bicycle.

Director: Chris Drummond | Writer and Performer: Hew Parham | Composer and Sound Designer: Will Spartalis | Set, Costume and Lighting Design: Wendy Todd | Associate Lighting Designer: Aaron Herczeg | Voice Coach: Anna McCrossin-Owen | Production Manager: Lachlan Turner: | Dramaturg: Caleb Lewis

Symphonie of the Bicycle 
The Butter Factory Theatre, Lincoln Causeway, Gateway Island, Wodonga
Season: 25 – 29 June 2024
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Image: Hew Parham (supplied)