SUPERCELL: Festival of Contemporary Dance Brisbane

Supercell - Person / All A Triple Bill - Bridget Fiske and Joseph LauA collision of multiple particles to create a major event with widespread beauty, ferocity, spectacle and rejuvenation SUPERCELL: Festival of Contemporary Dance presents movement in all its wildest forms from around the world at Brisbane’s Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts from 18 -­ 25 February 2017.

Co-­founded and curated by Kate Usher and Glyn Roberts, the exhilarating SUPERCELL program of local and international artists, performances, workshops and conversations was born one evening in the midst of a nasty tropical storm. The term refers to the collision of multiple particles to create a major event with widespread beauty, ferocity, spectacle and rejuvenation -­ the perfect description of a festival only Brisbane and its unique climate, could create.

The opportunity for Brisbane and Queensland to be the centre of dance in Australia and recognised on the global stage persuaded Usher and Roberts to forge ahead as they explain,

“We were inspired to create a critical mass around the exciting activities already happening and to establish a contemporary dance festival that’s progressive, exciting and excellent but grounded and energised by the inter-­connectivity between local and visiting dance artists and multiple audiences, whether the dance in your lounge room type of attendee or those that live and breathe it everyday.”

SUPERCELL will celebrate Queensland’s place in the world while connecting audiences with a virtuosic community of artists and companies both locally and internationally. The inaugural program will present high-­calibre contemporary dance performances by Australian and International artists including Gold Coast company The Farm, unconventional Melbourne-­based duo and Keir Choreographic Award contenders, Sarah Aiken and Rebecca Jensen, as well as Sydney’s Amrita Hepi and New Zealand’s Jahra Wasasala, who will be performing their first nations’ proud piece.

International artists exclusive to SUPERCELL are, Switzerland’s Simone Truong, bringing her young and vibrant company to Brisbane. Direct from the Guangdong Dance Festival a program of hot new talent from China’s Pearl River Delta, such as the Guangdong Modern Dance Company plus acclaimed dance artists residing in Macau, Guangdong and Hong Kong.

Additionally, SUPERCELL will open the festival with Brisbane trained and UK lauded Joseph Lau and Bridget Fiske. This line up of selected works draws together, like the namesake of the festival, an electric collision of elements to present an event not to be missed!

“We are thrilled to work with SUPERCELL to give time towards cultivating choreographers and seeding new ideas,” says Gavin Webber, Co-­Artistic Director, The Farm. “Working alongside a dedicated presenter to actively support new work in Australia is setting a standard of best practice. Brisbane and The Gold Coast are thriving with fantastic artists and the festival provides the opportunity to gather this energy into a driving force.”

SUPERCELL also invites everyone, from the dance lover to the professional artist, to participate in our selection of workshops, dance classes and behind-­the-­scenes experiences. From relaxed talks, mingle with the performers over a drink to pulling on your yoga pants and breaking out the leg warmers, SUPERCELL offers multiple ways to celebrate dance.

The 2017 SUPERCELL: Festival of Contemporary Dance takes place at the Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts, Fortitude Valley (Brisbane) from 18-­25 February. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Person / All: A Triple Bill –  Bridget Fiske and Joseph Lau (supplied)