Steve Sumpton: Through the Screen

Steve Sumpton Through the Screen Who Is CarolinaA photographic exploration of identity and perception, contemporary cinematic photographer Steve Sumpton presents Through The Screen as part of the 2018 Midsumma Festival at the Mister Morris Gallery from 19 January.

First encounters are difficult to manage. However, Sumpton shows us that confronting perceptions can be therapeutic. Follow an ensemble of unknowns as they approach their first encounters: First time returning home. First time revealing a secret. First time enjoying company.

In his debut solo exhibition, Sumpton recreates moments from his life that have helped shape the way he identifies with the LGBTQIA+ community. Manipulating visual cues to separate himself from these vivid, Crewdson-esque images – he invites you to connect with his work without restriction.

Sumpton is an emerging contemporary fine art photographer living in the Northern suburbs of Melbourne. Starting his career as a commercial graphic artist, photography has given him the freedom to allow concept to take the lead in his work while still maintaining a strong emphasis on technique.

Drawing inspiration from the works of Gregory Crewdson, he creates images that use the mystery of unknown narratives to invite the audience to see a new perspective. His images play with vibrant colours and mixed lighting to exaggerate the world around us in order to bring simple concepts into focus.

Showing us that it isn’t the moments that define us but the ways and intensities in which we experience them, Through The Screen brings an awareness to the role perception plays on our identity.

Steve Sumpton: Through the Screen
Mister Morris Gallery, 20 Junction Street, Preston
Exhibition: 19 January – 8 February 2018
Free entry

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Image: Steve Sumpton, Who Is Carolina, 2017 (detail) – courtesy of the artist