State of the arts in 2020 and beyond: new inquiry

Parliament-House-Canberra-photo-by-Richard-Tuffin-courtesy-of-Visit-CanberraAustralia’s cultural and creative industries and institutions will be the focus of a new Parliamentary inquiry.

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Communications and the Arts will hear evidence on the benefits the arts bring to Australia, and the significant impacts that COVID-19 has had on this important industry.

“Australia’s cultural and creative industries are at a point of significant change as Australia adapts to life in a pandemic,” said Committee Chair, Dr David Gillespie MP. “Australia’s creative innovation economy has made us a major player in the international arts arena, delivering benefits to our economy and helping shape our national identity.”

“It’s time to reflect on and re-think the way we create and interact with art, as we react to the pandemic and the challenges we need to overcome. We will take evidence on the terms of reference, and encourage anyone within the arts community to make a submission or participate in the online survey.”

For information about the Committee, click here! To view the Terms of Reference, click here! To make a Submission, visit the inquiry webpage – or by email to until 22 October 2020.

Image: Parliament House, Canberra – photo by Richard Tuffin / courtesy of Visit Canberra