Standing on Ceremony – The Gay Marriage Plays

StandingOnCeremony_Justin StephensAs equal marriage rights approaches reality in Australia, a poignant series of short plays will be presented in an Australian premiere as part of the 2014 Midsumma Festival.

Standing On Ceremony – The Gay Marriage Plays are described as a deliciously funny and represents what can and should and will be, whilst celebrating same sex marriage and how a number of American states embraced and passed equal marriage rights.

Focussing on the moments before, during and after I do, the plays featured are: The Revision by Jordan Harrison an amusing look at how two men might rewrite their vows to more accurately reflect the limited options available to a gay couple; This Flight Tonight by Wendy MacLeod asks if there is any hope for happiness when a lesbian marriage begins in Iowa.

The Gay Agenda by Paul Rudnick is a sadly hilarious plea for understanding by an Ohio homemaker and member of Focus on the Family; On Facebook by Doug Wright – was adapted from an actual Facebook thread chronicling one long fight among friends on the subject of gay marriage.

Strange Fruit by Neil LaBute is the story of two men in love whose plans to get married “the old-­? fashioned  way”  are  stymied when  reality  rears  its  ugly  head; Traditional Wedding by Mo Gaffney a long-­?married lesbian couple reminisce about their wedding.

My Husband by Paul Rudnick – puts a hilarious gay twist on the stereotype of the Jewish mother desperate to marry off her children; London Mosquitoes by Moisés Kaufman is a poignant story in which a widower tries to make sense of the loss of his longtime lover; Pablo and Andrew at the Altar of Words by José Rivera is a moving play about two men who use their marriage vows to “say the things we never really say.

Witty, warm and occasionally wacky, Standing On Ceremony – The Gay Marriage Plays are vows to the blessings of equality, the universal challenges of relationships and the, often, hilarious power of love.

The unifying theme of same-­sex marriage gives this collection its strong identity. The individual plays don’t share the same perspective or speak in the same voice. Which keeps things interesting.” – Variety.

Directors: Helen Ellis and Wayne Pearn  Featuring: Spencer McLaren, Pia Miranda, Michael Veitch, Brett Whittingham, Olivia Hogan, Luke Jacka, Helen Ellis and Wayne Pearn  Musical director: David Ellis  Technical director: Michael Brasser  Set designer: Justin Stephens  Costume designer: Jessica Moran Lighting designer: Scott Allan  Musicians: David Ellis (guitar), Karl Lewis (drums) and Laura Burzacott (vocals)

Standing On Ceremony – The Gay Marriage Plays
Chapel Off Chapel, 12 Little Chapel Street, Prahran
Season: 22 January – 9 February 2014
Bookings: (03) 8290 7000 or online at:

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Image: by Justin Stephens