Squeaky Clean Comedy

MICF Squeaky Clean Comedy Jonno Weir and Eliza Charley - photo by John Englezos (John E Photography)Nine comedians, two hours, three nights only. Now in its fifth year, Squeaky Clean Comedy, Australia’s premier clean comedy gala returns for three shows only at this year’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF).

When Squeaky Clean Comedy first hit the stage it was the only overtly clean comedy show for adults in the entire MICF. A testament to the quality of comedy on offer, it’s now become one of the largest and most loved events in the festival.

Squeaky Clean Comedy serves up Melbourne audiences some of Australia’s best stand-up comics in an evening that contains no swearing, sexism, racism, homophobia, religious vilification and gratuitous references to sex, drugs and/or violence. While offering audiences an excellent night out, Squeaky Clean Comedy also helps artists to hone their craft by challenging them not to rely on swearing, or putting down other people in order to get laughs.

Featuring a culturally diverse stellar line-up of award-winning, local and national comedians including Michael Connell, Simon Taylor, Angus Gordon, Michael Shafar, John Englezos, Mark Trenwith, Aaron Pratt, Diana Nguyen and Mike Klimczak, this year’s Squeaky Clean Comedy is a two and half hour, jam packed gala event which is aimed at adults, but still suitable for all ages.

Supporting and championing our local talent, Candlelight Productions invites you to laugh yourself hoarse on a night out at this years’ Comedy Festival that is “excellent value for money”, and “a show that caters to all tastes.” (Comedy Beast)

Squeaky Clean Comedy
Melbourne City Conference Centre – 333 Swanston Street, Melbourne
Performances: 1, 7 & 8 April 2017 – 7.30pm
Information and Bookings: www.candlelightproductions.com.au

Image:  Jonno Weir and Eliza Charley – photo by John Englezos (John E Photography)