Spirit of the ’70s: Signifying Change

Stanislow Ostoja_Kotkowski Vibra 2The opening of the Adelaide Festival Centre in 1973 heralded yet another grand achievement for South Australians, a culmination of the vision and perseverance of Adelaide’s leading figures. It was a time of heady inspiration and unheralded community support for the arts in South Australia.

Signifying Change celebrates the adventurous artists, who not only changed the face of contemporary art in the 1970s, but also whose works were commissioned or acquired for the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Works of Art Collection.

These artists include Bert Flugelman, Stanislaus Ostoja Kotkowski, Rod Dudley, Indigenous artist Trevor Nickolls, and social observer Robert Boynes.

Works displayed will include Flugelman’s 1970s drawings, Earth Works (documentary photographs of the buried tetrahedrons), Ostoja Kotkowski’s remarkable pop-art collage work Vibra 2 and video footage of his astonishing and innovating forays into laser light displays for theatrical productions, made long before projections for stage productions became commonplace.

The Spirit of the ’70s: Signifying Change is on display in the Adelaide Festival Centre Foyer until 2 June 2013. For more information, visit: www.adelaidefestivalcentre.com.au for details.

Image: Stanislow Ostoja-Kotkowski Vibra 2,
Adelaide Festival Centre Works of Art Collection.

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