Speed: The Fast and the Curious

MAMA-Shi-JINDIAN-Blue-CJ750-2008-White-Rabbit-CollectionA groundbreaking exhibition focussing on the subject of Speed, Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) presents Speed: The Fast and the Curious on display from 20 August 2016.

Speed: The Fast and the Curious will feature newly commissioned works by leading Australian artists, interactive exhibits and works on loan from the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney, White Rabbit Gallery, Sydney,  the Laverty Collection and private owners.

MAMA Curator Bianca Acimovic says the exhibition addresses the role of ‘speed’ in the Australian psyche, as well as highlighting the specific relationship with speed in the Albury region. “The fascination with speed is deeply embedded in the national consciousness,” said Acimovic.

“As a land of vast distances, so much of our sense of progress has been associated with the achievement of doing things faster.  Going faster, and faster still, breaking records and getting the adrenalin pumping is a primal urge. The exhibition looks at speed in all its various forms, and its defining role in the makeup of Australian culture, and the Albury region in particular.”

Artists specially commissioned to produce works for the exhibition include: Beijing-based and internationally renowned Laurens Tan, who frequently uses the recurring motif of the ‘sanlunche’ – the white three-wheeled Chinese vehicle seen in Chinese cities; and TextaQueen, Australia’s ‘felt-tip super-hero’ – who links popular culture with identity, will work with two local emerging artists on a major mural for the Museum foyer.

Michael Laubli, a specialist in recycled automotive sculptures, will create an armoured car to be driven into the Art Museum; and Uncle Phil Murray, an Albury-based Indigenous artist, whose 36 suspended spears installation will be an inescapable experience directed to all visitors entering MAMA.

MAMA Director Jacqui Hemsley says Speed: The Fast and the Curious is designed to widen the appeal beyond the traditional gallery audience, and attract a broader demographic. “The subject matter and exhibits will be of interest to many people who may not otherwise be interested in contemporary art,” said Hemsley.

“They’ll discover contemporary works across a range of media that talk to them, communicate with them, and connect with subjects that may even help define their sense of self. Speed: The Fast and the Curious taps into a deep rooted theme in the region that relates to transport and motorised innovation.”

“Albury has played an important role in the development of new technology and the history of transport in the region. New technology, brought about by necessity, innovation, isolation and knowledge, has been a key to progress. It was also the birthplace of the Robbins & Porters monoplane, Australia’s first flat-four aero engine in 1913; the centre for Australia’s last manufactured gearbox transmissions; through to the home of Brad Jones V8 racing.”

“From the former race tracks that capped the edges of the Hume Weir, to V8 Supercars, street motorcycles, speedway go-cart racing and powerboats, the region has a long-celebrated enthusiasm for speed. Art lovers and speed enthusiasts will enjoy this exhibition,” added Hemsley.

The exhibition will feature a suite of engagement programs for people of all ages, including artists’ talks, car enthusiasts’ meets, tours, catalogue, virtual racing, instructional activities and a School holiday program.

Speed: The Fast and the Curious
Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA), 546 Dean Street, Albury
Exhibition: 20 August – 6 November 2016
Admission fees apply

For more information, visit: www.mamalbury.com.au for details.

Image: Shi JINDIAN, Blue CJ750 2008, White Rabbit Collection 2600 x 1700 x 1020 – courtesy of White Rabbit Collection