Songs from the Earth

Nexus-Arts-Nancy-Bates-Isabelle-da-Sylveira-photo-by-Emma-Luker-Aimee-VolkofskyFour women, two countries, one voice as Nexus Arts presents Songs from the Earth as part of Reconciliation week on Saturday 3 June 2023.

An enchanting evening of music that brings together four remarkable women, spanning two countries, to share their heartfelt stories through the power of song.

Nancy Bates (Barkindji), Isabelle da Sylveira, Ebony Bamber (Barkindji), and Aimee Volkofsky (Broken Hill) have forged an incredible bond, finding solace and connection in their shared passion for music.

During this captivating performance, these talented artists will take you on a soul-stirring journey, delving into their unique experiences and profound connections to the land and water.

You’ll be transported by their original compositions, moved by the timeless melodies that have brought them together, and captivated by their innovative new works, born out of a transformative week-long residency with NEXUS Arts.

To make this event even more special, Songs from the Earth will take place during national reconciliation week, honouring the spirit of unity and understanding. It’s a wonderful opportunity to not only witness the power of music but also contribute to the celebration of diversity and cultural appreciation.

Songs from the Earth
Nexus Arts, Corner Morphett Street and North Terrace, Adelaide
Performance: Saturday 3 June 2023 (doors: 7.00pm | show: 7.30pm)
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Image: Nancy Bates (supplied) | Isabelle da Sylveira – photo by Emma Luker | Aimee Volkofsky (supplied)