Something to say

frankie-something-to-sayOur friends at frankie magazine have always been pretty proud of the kind of writing they put in print. They’ve had stories that make you laugh, stories that make you think, and stories that make you cringe or cry a little.

Their latest offering, Something to Say is a collection of stories from their first 12 years. This novel-sized book is a whopping 240-page collection of funny, rude, clever, cute (and sometimes sad and sweary), that promises to make you laugh awkwardly in public.

“The trouble is, a lot of important stuff can happen between dawn and lunchtime, and if you’re operating at the level of ‘yawny toddler’ it’s easy to screw that stuff up.” – Eleanor Robertson

They’ve been written by a whole bunch of (mostly) Australian writers, and frankie are pretty proud of them, too. The stories in the book are some of their favourites from old issues and new, features witty words from some of frankie’s favourite writers including Benjamin Law, Helen Razer, Marieke Hardy, Eleanor Robertson, Rowena Grant-Frost and Mia Timpano.

“Either way, I had always assumed hugs were the standard salutation in non-professional, non-work-related situations. But I’ve had enough experiences by now – including the one with my uncle – to know that they’re not. Most of the time, I’ve simply misjudged the situation, and have gotten furrowed brows in response. That’s when I ask where the drinks are kept.” – Benjamin Law

Featuring illustrations by Ashley Ronning, and a fancy new design, frankie hopes you love reading these stories as much as they do. Something to say is published by and available from

Image: Something to say