Slava’s Snowshow (review)


This is not my first experience of Slava’s Snowshow. I recall with fondness, following the maelstrom of the storm, the image of a lone Slava sitting in the auditorium at Brisbane’s Lyric Theatre in 2002. Here was a master of his art, taking in the playful mayhem surrounding him.

Renowned Russian clown Slava Polunin created Snowshow in the early nineties following his performance as part of Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria and has toured Australia a number of times over the past thirteen years.

Snowshow is a fusion of traditional and contemporary theatrical clowning arts style drawing its influence from artists such as Leonid Engibarov, Charlie Chaplin and Marcel Marceau. It is a beautifully crafted vehicle that invites the audience to suspend belief.

This highly skilled ensemble take the art of buffoonery to the next level, where a simple gesture can elicit much laughter. Where found objects take on a life of their own delivering moments of magic and spectacle. To elaborate further would spoil the surprise!

Though what would be a finale without a spectacular snowstorm? To the foreboding strains of Carmina Burana’s O Fortuna, momentum builds as a single snowflake becomes a furious snow storm complete with blinding lights, wind and paper snow.

Calm only returns as over-sized inflatable balls invade the auditorium, allowing kids both big and small to release their inner-child and indulge in paper snow fights.

Slava’s Snowshow is one of the most magical and unforgettable shows you are likely to see this year.

Slava’s Snowshow
Comedy Theatre – 240 Exhibition Street, Melbourne
Season: 17 – 28 July 2013
Bookings:  1300 111 011 or online at:

For more information, visit: for details.