Single O teams up with artist Gemma O’Brien for their latest Art Bag project

Gemma-O'Brien-admiring-her-artwork-on-Single-O's-coffee-bagSingle O, an innovative coffee-roaster known for fostering a vibrant cafe culture that goes beyond the cup, is excited to announce the latest addition to their Art Bag Project. Gemma O’Brien, a renowned designer and artist with a global following, will be the 25th artist to lend her creative talents to Single O’s coffee bags.

Single O’s Art Bag Project has become synonymous with their brand, showcasing their commitment to coffee-fuelled creativity. Initiated by Single O in 2013, the Art Bag Project has been a rebellious response to the prevailing trend of heavily branded, style-focused coffee culture.

The project invites artists to showcase their unique creativity on Single O’s coffee bags, providing a platform for artistic expression that breaks free from corporate design norms. Each quarter, a new artist is selected from the network of cafes supplied by Single O, ensuring a meaningful connection between the artist and the cafe community.

In their latest iteration of the project, acclaimed artist Gemma O’Brien took to the canvas (coffee bag!) to create a bold illustration of coffee cherries and meteorites in celebration of 20 years of Single O.

You’ll find Single O’s iconic “O” at the centre of the artwork, surrounded by hand-drawn botanical elements, psychedelic linework and abstract patterns. This artwork reflects Gemma’s distinctive artistic style at the intersection between bold typography and organic illustration.

“We couldn’t be more stoked to have Gemma join our Art Bag Project,” said Single O’s general manager Mike Brabant. “Gemma’s ethos to bring art beyond the traditional gallery space resonates with our project, which takes art to the street via cafes.”

Gemma O’Brien is renowned for her bold graphics, illustrative lettering, and captivating murals that explore the realms of language, nature and the human experience. Her work has garnered recognition from prestigious brands such as Apple, Nike, and Google, and has even found a permanent place in the esteemed Cooper Hewitt Smithsonian Design Museum in New York City.

Gemma O’Brien’s participation in the Art Bag Project marks an exciting milestone for Single O. Gemma’s bags have launched this month, coinciding with her return from a residency in Europe. Gemma’s art will be available on all 1kg Single O blend coffee bags, including their blends such as Reservoir, Killerbee, Yeehah, and Collider.

Gemma O’Brien’s Art Bags are now available online or from selected cafes across the country. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Gemma O’Brien admiring her artwork on Single O’s coffee bag (supplied)