Single Asian Female

LaBoite Single Asian Female - photo by Dylan EvansSkewering race and gender in contemporary Australia, La Boite Theatre Company presents Single Asian Female – an incisive new comedy from Brisbane-based award winning writer Michelle Law at the Roundhouse Theatre until 4 March 2017.

Directed by Claire Christian, Single Asian Female is about women navigating distinctly female relationships; sisters at odds with each other, frenemies undermining each other, and a mother trying to overcome generational and cultural gaps to connect with her daughters.

Set on the Sunshine Coast, this hilarious play looks at three women at three key stages of their lives; high school, one’s reproductive prime, and menopause – all grappling with specifically female issues. From the pressure of choosing between fertility and career goals, to navigating high school and girl gang politics, to trying to survive and be strong for yourself and others when you’re trapped in an abusive relationship.

Single Asian Female is a comedy that skewers race and gender issues in ways that will challenge how you think about our country and the people who live in it,” says Michelle Law (winner of the 2016 Queensland Premier’s Young Publishers and Writers Award). “It’s a play that speaks to the daily realities of my own life and the lives of many Australians who often feel voiceless and targeted.”

“Expect to see women, specifically women of colour, to hear their voices, which are at once strong, irreverent, and hilarious. Expect to see a family in turmoil. Expect to see audiences who don’t normally go to the theatre, who don’t normally see themselves reflected on stage. Expect to see laughter, tears and kitschy karaoke in equal measure and be prepared to sing along.”

Step into the after-hours of a suburban Chinese restaurant and meet a family of whip smart women who are definitely talking about you in their native tongue.

Director: Claire Christian Featuring: Emily Burton, Patrick Jhanur, Alex Lee, Courtney Stewart, Hsiao-Ling Tang, Emily Vascotto Set & Costume Design: Moe Assaad Composer/Sound Designer: Wil Hughes Lighting Designer: Keith Clark Fight Director: N-J Price

Single Asian Female
Roundhouse Theatre, Musk Avenue, Kelvin Grove (Brisbane)
Season continues to 4 March 2017
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Image: Single Asian Female – photo by Dylan Evans Photography