Since I Suppose

Since I Suppose ©Paul MoirCrafted for two people at a time, Since I Suppose is an immersive journey through Melbourne’s CBD incorporating digital technologies, internet scavenged audio, intimate interactions and fragments of Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure.

Moving through the city’s institutions of law, religion and sex, and involving video, audio, site-specific occurrences and unexpected connections, Since I Suppose participants use a digital hand-held device to lead them on an interactive experience of power, sexual desire, sacrifice and death.

Since I Suppose is a framework through which to not only engage with the questions of Shakespeare’s play, but to participate and respond to the world(s) of power and pleasure encountered along the way.

Like the Duke in Measure For Measure, you’ll be able to watch, reflect and respond to the city as you’ve never experienced it before. Embrace revelation, surprise, frisson and spontaneous action as you negotiate physical spaces and places through a digitally enhanced lens. Power, sacrifice and desire are among the themes of Shakespeare’s play, so expect the unexpected.

“We are not so much striving to adapt Shakespeare’s Measure For Measure – rather we are using the play as an architecture through and upon which we will build an audience experience-design based journey, out of which connections and ‘relevancies’ may well arise for the audience- participant,” said the Creators, one step at a time like this.

Since I Suppose starts at Grand Hyatt Melbourne (Russell Street entrance) and ends in North Melbourne – the show does not end where it starts. Keep your eyes open and be ready for anything – this is theatre as you have never experienced it before.

The work premiered at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater In August with all performances sold out before the season opened – Melbourne is set to do the same!

“A masterpiece in experiential story telling…It’s the kind of milestone every theater lover should get the chance to witness at least once.” – Chicago Theater Beat

Since I suppose
Throughout Melbourne
Season: 15 – 26 October 2014
Bookings: (currently sold out)

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Since I Suppose by Paul Moir – courtesy of one step at a time like this