Seven Gift Ideas for Your Artsy Best Friend

Giftbox-on-tableFinding the perfect birthday gift for a loved one can be difficult. However, if you know what they like, the task can be easier than you might expect. If you have an artsy friend, the list of gift options at your disposal is endless. We have narrowed it down to these seven gifts that we believe would impress anyone:

A coffee machine
According to studies, caffeine stimulates dopamine release, which boosts creativity. What better way to add to your best friend’s resourcefulness than to get them a coffee machine on their birthday? This post by Arielle Executive can help you choose a great coffee machine that your friend will enjoy.

An online art class
No one is too old or too busy to add a new skill to their repertoire. You can enroll your friend in an online art class and surprise them with the news on their birthday. Don’t fret about determining what they will like.

A subscription box
You have likely heard of services that deliver a box of goodies to their subscribers’ doorstep. You can get a year’s worth of monthly or quarterly art goodies from companies such as ArtSnacks and SmartArtBox.

Art museum membership
If there is an art museum in your city or neighborhood that you reckon your arty friend doesn’t know about, an annual membership card might be the perfect way to get them in the know. Art museums are a fantastic place for artists, aspiring artists, and art buffs to explore the art world in all its glory. Most memberships are affordable and can be obtained online, so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of physically going to apply for one.

Colouring books
Both amateur and seasoned artists want to put their ideas down on paper without the pressure of imagining everything from scratch. Adult coloring books are not only stress-relieving, but also a much-needed motivator for artists to continue creating even when their impulse well runs dry.

An adjustable table
You never know when creativity will strike, and an adjustable table can bring your artsy friend a sense of stability during the moments when inspiration suddenly occurs. These tables are suitable for a variety of environments, whether your friend needs to sketch from the living room couch, or the comfort of their bed.

3D printing pen
Allow your friend to add another dimension to their art with a 3D printing pen. Rather than using ink or lead, these pens use a plastic filament, and allow users to draw physical objects in thin air. Depending on your friends’ level of experience, they can start with horizontal drawings and then go vertical over time.

These are just seven ideas we reckon your best friend would like on their birthday. There are certainly many more options on the internet, so don’t shy away from further exploration if you are not satisfied with the options on our list.

Image: Giftbox on table