Sensory Decadence

Sensory Decadence Latonya Wigginton - photo by Aaron WalkerHuman beings are naturally inclined to value remembering over experiencing. But what would happen if the experiencing self were triumphant? In a vibrant celebration of sensation, five circus artists pursue the ecstatic, immediate completeness of experience, through exhilarating and contemporary circus.

This August, One Fell Swoop Circus present the premiere season of Sensory Decadence by bringing their trademark skill set and style to bear on what Nobel Prize winning economist Daniel Kahneman calls the two selves; the Experiencing Self (that lives each moment) and the Remembering Self (that constructs the story afterwards).

Drawing on influences spanning from ASMR to the surrealist world of ready-mades, Sensory Decadence invites Melbourne audiences to explore a unique alternative world. “We were inspired by the idea of the ‘two selves’ from Daniel Kahneman’s book, Thinking Fast and Slow.” explains co-creator and co-director Charice Rust.

“The catalyst for creating the show was us trying to imagine a world where people embrace the experiencing self, just a little bit more, and find the richness in everyday experiences. We’re excited to introduce audiences to the bizarre contrasts of surrealist readymades, the intense intimacy of ASMR, and the multisensory appreciation of food found with degustation,” adds Rust.

Sensory Decadence is a degustation of sensation and experience – beyond the spectacular acrobatics of circus, audiences will be drawn into powerful intimate encounters.”

Melbourne-based and garnering rave reviews and awards for previous works; By a Thread, Kilter and Mitsein, One Fell Swoop invites audiences to viscerally experience the balance of joy and risk inherent to group acrobatic performance, creating powerful works on the cutting edge of contemporary circus practice. One Fell Swoop Circus is proud to be the 2019 company-in-residence at Gasworks Arts Park.

Creators / Directors: Charice Rust and Jonathan Morgan Featuring: Ryan Darwin, Ellen Grow, Jonathan Morgan, Charice Rust, Latonya Wigginton Lighting Design: John Collopy Set / Costume Design: Stephanie Howe Composition: Duane Morrison Dramaturgy: Debra Batton

Sensory Decadence
Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park
Season: 16 – 23 August 2019

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Image: Latonya Wigginton – photo by Aaron Walker