Section 32

knox-section-32-exteriorPresented as a part of Knox City Council’s 2016 Immerse Arts Festival, Section 32 invites Melbourne to experience an ambitious, groundbreaking interactive theatre artwork in an entire house this November and December.

Imagine walking down a residential street in Boronia surrounded by gardens, parked cars and brick veneer houses. Suddenly, as you look at your neighbour’s front lawn you realise that while their well-maintained garden looks the same… their house has been irreversibly changed.

Its form is untouched, however its entire outside surface is covered in thick gloss black paint. Walking up the path you see a futurist anthropologist standing with a bunch of pamphlets in her hand. She welcomes you to Section 32 and hands you a floor plan of the house. Carefully, you open the door and walk into the hallway…

16 years into the 21st Century a combination of technological advances, climate change and shifts in the labour market are gearing up to permanently change the way we live in, and interact with, our urban environment. Section 32 is a powerful new piece of art created to encourage a conversation about the future of the suburbs.

Over four weeks, a team of professional visual and performance artists transformed this suburban house (inside and out) to create this unique, immersive installation experience. Located on a quiet suburban street in Boronia, the site of Section 32 was specifically donated for this installation by an anonymous donor.

Commissioned by Knox City Council as part of the 2016 Immerse Arts Festival, Section 32 is a fleeting opportunity to experience this extensive new work of art – one not to be missed!

Creator: Clare McCracken Key Collaborators: Brienna Macnish, Robert D Jordan Associate Artist: Jessie Stanley Performers: Ernesto Muñoz, Isabella Vadiveloo, Kasey Gambling

Section 32
231 Boronia Road, Boronia
Installation continues to 12 December 2016 (Mondays and Saturdays)
Free admission – bookings essential

For more information, visit: or for details

Image: Exterior of 231 Boronia Road, Boronia – photo by Rhiannon Slatter