Sculpture by the Sea unveils a major artwork as a beacon of hope

Milan-Kuzica-Green-Life,-Sculpture-by-the-Sea-photo-by-Gareth-CarrAlthough Sculpture by the Sea Bondi has been postponed this year, exhibition organisers have unveiled as a beacon of hope for the future, Green Life – a 10m tall sculpture by Prague based-Slovakian artist Milan Kuzica.

“We wanted to place a towering and optimistic sculpture on the edge of our continent as a beacon of hope, both for people here in Australia and for our country to send our thoughts for a new and better future to the world as together we struggle with Covid-19,” said David Handley, Founding Director, Sculpture by the Sea.

Installed on the end of the south Bondi headland in Marks Park looking out across the ocean, the sculpture, which symbolises the birth of a new life, will greet visitors as they wander the Bondi coastal walk.

“For all the calmness of the sculpture that represents the first shoots of a new plant, there is an urgency,” said Milan Kuzica said: In a world plagued by a viral pandemic we are reminded that our future is possible only if we live our lives in harmony with nature.”

“I was inspired by John Lennon’s song, Imagine – his almost utopian notion of a harmonious world. Today, the threats of Lennon’s time have largely changed, and new ones have arrived, today we live with a dangerous invisible enemy.”

“This fight against the global viral pandemic knows no borders or continents. We share this world together and the responsibility lies with each of us. This is a great test of our humanity. If we are successful, a life re-born, a ‘green life’ awaits us.”

Mayor of Waverley, Paula Masselos, said the pandemic had changed the world forever but that Council is very much looking forward to the next Sculpture by the Sea exhibition in whatever form it needs to take to ensure safe attendance.

“I really appreciate and applaud the effort and dedication the Sculpture by the Sea artists have put into creating works for the exhibition during these difficult and challenging times, and it is a delight to welcome Milan Kuzica’s work Green Life to Bondi,” said Mayor Masselos.

“Waverley Council is committed to supporting Sculpture by the Sea and as such, is continuing to work with them on options for a COVID-safe world-class sculpture exhibition in 2021 while ensuring our community’s safety.”

Earlier this month, exhibition organisers announced Sculpture by the Sea Bondi was not granted an exemption by NSW Health and will be postponed. Over 100 international and Australian artists were selected to exhibit at the 2020 event, collectively spending around $1.5M – $1.8M to create and freight their sculptures from around the world. All of the artists will remain in the line-up for the delayed exhibition, when it is allowed to take place.

Green Life will be exhibited in Marks Park on the end of the south Bondi headland until 7 December 2020. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Milan Kuzica, Green Life, Sculpture by the Sea Bondi – photo by Gareth Carr