SBS announces new Eurovision Hosts

Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey - photo courtesy of SBSRadio host, presenter and music buff Myf Warhurst, together with comedian and… sequin buff Joel Creasey are the new duo who will host SBS’s broadcast, and provide commentary of the Semi Finals and Grand Final of the Eurovision Song Contest in May.

“Australians have embraced Eurovision since SBS’s first broadcast more than 30 years ago and as a nation, we feel incredible warmth and admiration for the countries, their cultures, the contest, and what it represents,” said SBS Managing Director Michael Ebeid. “Already loved by Australian audiences, Joel Creasey and Myf Warhurst perfectly capture this spirit, and we’re thrilled to welcome them as SBS’s new Eurovision hosts.”

Long-time lounge room fans, first-time attendees, Myf and Joel will have their very first Eastern European taste of the world’s biggest song contest when they land on the ground in Kyiv, Ukraine.

“I couldn’t be more ready to accept the job of Eurovision host, and give Aussies an all-access pass that I think we truly deserve as gatecrashers,” said Creasey. “I’ve started studying up on this years’ acts and am going to need to map out my plan of dressing rooms to sneak into backstage – I’ve got my eye on the Swedish backup dancers and Romanian rap yodelers at this point.”

Besides getting into the patriotic flag-waving spirit and guiding Australia through our Isaiah’s journey from Semi Final 1 to fingers-crossed-hold-your-breath glory at the Grand Final, Myf and Joel will be immersing themselves in all the wonderful, and the more wacky parts of the contest. The duo will dive behind the scenes as 43 acts from around the world prepare to take the stage, hoping to win over the voting public and jury for those douze points.

“I truly fell in love with Eurovision back in 1998 when Guildo Horn performed a sweaty bell solo mid song for Germany, and from there, it was love at first sight,” said Warhurst. “I’ve hosted Eurovision parties ever since. It was an honour to be a member of the Aussie voting jury last year, but now, getting into the arena and actually hosting the glittery Olympics of music… It’s an absolute dream gig for me. I’m still pinching myself!”

The Eurovision Song Contest screens on SBS: 12 – 14 May – 7.30pm, with LIVE early morning broadcasts from 10 May 2017. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Myf Warhurst and Joel Creasey – photo courtesy of SBS