Saturday Night Fever

Drew-Anthony-Creative-Saturday-Night-FeverSaturday Night Fever is the latest musical presented by Perth creative, Drew Anthony. It is based on the 1977 hit movie and includes the award-winning hits written by the Bee Gees.

Saturday Night Fever tells the tale of Tony Manero, a young Italian-American who spends his weekends dancing at a local discothèque. He must also deal with social tensions and disillusionment in living in the 1970’s neighbourhood of Brooklyn, New York.

This production flashes the audience back to the 1970’s when discos were a weekend ritual.  And judging by the audience many memories were relived from days gone by.

Tony Manero (Ethan Churchill), complete with low cut shirts and hairy chest, was played with great vigour. He was able to convincingly add to the dramatic tension of the performance and carried some of the more confrontational and emotional scenes in the production. His singing range was impressive and became stronger as the performance went on.

The scenes around the family dining table were at times hilarious and intense.  The scene in which Flo Manero (Asha Cluer), Frank Manero (Noel O’Neill) and Linda Manero (Aaleyah Chater) argue and slap each other was hilarious.

Special mention must be made of Cluer’s performance as she assumed the role after two hours of rehearsal, due to the illness of the original cast member. Her performance as Tony’s mother was a highlight of the show.

Zac Rolton as Joey led a strong rendition of Jive Talkin’ along with Kade Sweeney and Ethan Battle as Bobby and Double J.  Rolton possess a commanding energy and presence when performing on stage.

Tory Kendrick and Izzi Green as the two female leads, Stephanie Mangano and Annette, held strong powerful voices and delivered their solos with heartfelt emotion.

Abby Stevenson, Tahlia Loren and Carrie Pereira as the Nightclub Singers capably added to the backing of various numbers and made the transition of scenes seamless. The simple set worked well and included a 70’s flashing disco dance floor and appropriate scene projections.

Choreography by Jamie & Suzi Rolton was true to the era and the cast performed it with slickness and precision.

Saturday Night Fever is a fun night out that takes the audience back to an era when discothèques were a part of the fabric of the 70’s lifestyle. It will have you up dancing doing the Tony Manero hand spin and hand high finger point!

Saturday Night Fever
Planet Royale, 12 Lake Street, Northbridge, Perth
Performance: Saturday 11 May 2024
Season continues to 26 May 2024

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Image: Ethan Churchill as Tony Manero and the Cast of Saturday Night Fever – courtesy of Drew Anthony Creative

Review: Craig Dalglish