Rushin Rabbit

Komissar Kabaret Rushin RabbitInspired by Left-Of-Berlin European post-war musicology and performance, Komissar Kabaret is political, vulgar, artistic, grotesque, sexy and sublime – as they present Rushin Rabbit at The Butterfly Club from 1 December 2015.

Luca can’t sleep. Percy can’t sleep. Percy tosses and turns. He hits the bottom of Stolichnaya and finds his arm morphed into… a hopping mad Russian Rabbit! Meanwhile the clock is clocking, flocking the sheep. Paranoya not good for ya, Stolichnaya hey, hey, hey!!! Katya Kokov and Boris No Worries, Come to the Cabaret!!!

Spiral down a Brechtian Rabbit Hole. Spy the Rushin’ Rabbits tease two sexually charged insomniacs with drugs, reality, ineffective political leaders and… carrots! Let Rushin’ Rabbits torment you with deliciously evil ear-worm tunes gnawing at your brain, intoxicate you with gob smacking images, fiddle with your heartstrings and your nuts and bolts, and hit your G-Spot!

Melbourne’s Queen of Cabaret (Inpress), Ella Filar is an independent writer, director and composer. A daughter of an ex-priest father turned gynaecologist and JEPP (Jewish/ Polish Princess) mother turned Communist, Ella is a Gaultier of performing arts. Her highly original, inimitable style characterised by a rich combination of the ordinary and the fantastic is a joyful yet terrifying challenge.

Melbourne’s emerging Queer of Kabaret, Gabriel D’Alessandri is a long time insomniac and recovering victim of delusion. He straddles the fine line between cabaret performer and psychopathic restaurant manager. Having spent the past three years having been watched through the Krows’ eyes of Melbourne’s Queen of Cabaret he is waiting for an offer he can’t refuse to spread his wings in The Real World, free from his home in Cabaret Hell.

Co-directors: Bruce Langdon & Ella Filar  Performers: Gabriel D’Alessandri, Chris Molyneux, Claire Nichols, Olivia Laskowski, Martin Hogg, Martin Zakharov, Sophie Gong, Ken Harris  Songs: Ella Filar  Co-writers: Gabriel D’Alessandri & Ella Filar

Rushin Rabbit
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Season: 1 – 6 December 2015

Image: courtesy of Komissar Kabaret