Rogue Romantic – Serenades from a Delinquent Diva

MCF16 Anya Anastasia photo by Gee GreensladeAdelaide born, Melbourne obsessed, cabaret songstress Anya Anastasia is set to premiere a new hour of devilishly unique Cabaret as part of the Melbourne Cabaret Festival. Rogue Romantic is punchy and hilarious follow up from Anya’s latest award winning show Torte e Mort: Songs of Cake and Death that won awards, hearts and stars all over Australia.

A once-charming cabaret chanteuse has gone rogue – armed with a biting wit, an appetite for romance and revenge, and a set of lungs you really have to hear to believe. Rogue Romantic sees Anastasia’s satirical wit turn personal experiences inside out to create a hilarious and unstoppably romantic Diva, who takes no prisoners.

Peer behind the tents of the Carnival; see the creator arguing with the creation in the wings. Beware the oft-miscalculated serenades that may occur right on your seat. Divine on stage, clumsy in love. What happens when romance finds you everywhere but follows you nowhere? When your desires are burning but so are your ears? Be prepared for confessions, serenades, love songs…

Anya’s divine quirkiness is matched with a voice to fall in love with, oozing the charisma of girl born in theatre, a seductress wearing her heart on the place where her sleeve would be if she was wearing anything. She never stops toying with her audience, to their inevitable delight.

“This new work is adventurous, outrageous, vulnerable and oh so fresh – I have been writing lyrics and notes for this compulsively while on tour,” says Anya Anastasia. “Since arriving back in Melbourne, I’ve been at my piano crafting the riches of this wild inspiration into song – the glamour, the heartache, the magic and the bullshit things that people say to you. I just can’t wait to share it with the Cabaret loving audience in Melbourne.”

Rogue Romantic
The Space, corner Carlton and Little Chapel Streets, Prahran
Season: 23 – 25 June 2016

For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Anya Anastasia – photo by Gee Greenslade