Robyn Archer: An Australian Songbook

Robyn-Archer-photo-by-Claudio-RaschellaQueensland Theatre will embark on a road trip through the melodic history of Australia when it opens its third production of the year, Robyn Archer: An Australian Songbook, on Saturday 25 June 2022.

In the driver’s seat of this journey is national treasure Robyn Archer, whose vast experience as an internationally acclaimed artist has seen her delight audiences from Broadway stages to French salons, while pioneering a creative and thoughtful industry at home as an Artistic and Festival Director.

Through An Australian Songbook, Archer will channel her wealth of musical knowledge into a fearless, political and personal celebration of the way song has shaped Australian identity.

“There are hundreds of thousands of Australian songs. This songbook will certainly be unexpected. I don’t expect any one person in the audience to know many of these songs,” said Archer.

The list we’re starting rehearsal with was arrived at quite instinctively. Some of the songs I wrote, some I knew, and then I sought some that might reflect certain periods of the 200 years the list covers.”

“I started to let it take shape organically, making sure there’s a great spread of genres – we have my originals, some singer-songwriter, folk, satire, political, musical theatre, artsong, country, (almost) rock – and a lot of laughs,” said Archer.

Crafted for introspection, Archer’s take on the soundscape of Australian music history is alternative but undeniably familiar, poised to have audiences looking deep within to learn about, laugh with, and love the national voice to which they belong.

“When people think of Australian songs, they tend to go towards Great Southern Land or Land Down Under, but my role is to present an alternate view of Australian music history,” said Archer.

“I want to present this incredibly rich palate of songs, which will really surprise you and deliver this alternative view of the musical history of our country,” she said. “This is by no means a best of, it’s the voice of our country.”

Performing alongside Archer on her melodic road trip are her long-time band members, George Butrumulis (Zydeco Jump), Cameron Goodall (The Audreys) and Ennio Pozzebon (Keating: The Musical), the four artists sharing over a decade’s worth of music together.

“I’ve been performing with these incredible artists for well over a decade now, and known them for even longer,” said Archer. “We’ve formed this special bond that we share through our songbook.”

“Across the show, we explore such a versatile range from rock and folk, musical theatre and country, and more, it’s an experience that is so unique to the four of us and we can’t wait to share it with audiences.”

Explore the unique and uncompromising voice of Australian music in Robyn Archer: An Australian Songbook.

Robyn Archer: An Australian Songbook
Bille Brown Theatre – Queensland Theatre, 78 Montague Road, South Brisbane
Season: 25 June – 9 July 2022
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Image: Robyn Archer – photo Claudio Raschella