Richard Allen wins Glover Prize 2024 Hanger’s Choice Award

2024 Glover Prize Hanger's Choice Award winner with Hanger Virgina WoofThe Glover Prize hangers have chosen New South Wales-based artist Richard Allen as the recipient of the Hanger’s Choice Award for the Glover Prize 2024. His finalist artwork, ‘Leewulenna,’ Lake St. Clair, secured this recognition, marking Richard Allen’s first Glover Prize award.

“Walking along the banks of Lake St Clair in central Tasmania, where the mist rolls over the glassy water and the land underfoot is strewn with the washed grey detritus of high waters passed, I was struck by the contrasts before me,” said artist Richard Allen.

“The Pump House across the water appears as an exclamation mark, drawing the eye but at the same time providing perspective for the vastness and depth of the ranges behind.”

Leeawulenna or sleeping water, is the lake’s name, timeless, eternal in its slumber and the Pump House tells of man’s passing folly and insignificance in this magical place,” said Allen.

Hangers’ spokesperson, Virgina Woof, stated “that it was a difficult decision after looking at all the great paintings, but it was unanimous in the end. They chose this painting with a ‘less is more’ mindset,” said Woof.

“The painting was clever and every brush stroke was perfectly placed. The reflection was very well executed, but it was the unique combination of the man-made structure and the Tasmanian landscape that made it stand out from the rest. It is more than just a surface-level painting,” said Woof.

The Glover Prize exhibition, featuring a diverse collection of artworks portraying the Tasmanian landscape in its broadest sense, will be open to the public from Saturday 9 March through to Sunday 17 March at the historic Falls Park Pavilion in Evandale.

The judging panel for the 2024 Glover Prize consists of Melbourne based artist Rick Amor; Mary Mulcahy, Director of Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery (TMAG) Hobart; and Ralph Hobbs, Director of Nanda\Hobbs Gallery Sydney.

The 42 chosen finalists will compete for the $75,000 cash prize and a bronze maquette of colonial artist John Glover. The winning artwork will become part of the collection of The John Glover Society Inc.

For more information about The Glover Prize and Exhibition, visit: for details.

Image: 2024 Glover Prize Hanger’s Choice Award winner with Hanger Virgina Woof (supplied)