Rhonda Burchmore flies in to The Glory Box

RhondaThis week only at The Glory Box, Rhonda Burchmore will, in a dazzling galaxy of hand beaded and hand feathered gowns, only inches away from your astonished gaze, unleash some of the dirtiest songs you’ll ever hear, with the earthiest sense of humour and the very best legs in the business.

“Moiiira darling” she said yesterday “I am rude and getting ruder! You’ve unleashed me!”

Anyone that knows Rhonda Burchmore’s talent and wicked humour knows she has been unleashed for some time now, but I am forever flattered.

It all started on a rainy afternoon in 2010. I was nominated for a Helpmann for Best Cabaret Artiste and I saw Rhonda across the room, and said to Jackie Smith, “I am not leaving here without her number”.

She was talking with Pamela Rabe, and I went up introduced myself and told her about  The Glory Box, and she said “oh yersss I got my start in Burlesque” …  With a burlesque act that involved a bit of draping held up by 21 doves while she sang Warm and Willing.

The draping would fall off and the doves would fly into place to cover her modesty. She told me about the doves mating in her hair, the egg bound dove that never quite made it up to perch on her crotch, how she hand blew the eggs as gifts for the stage managers.

“Rhonda you HAVE to be in the Burlesque Hour! Can you bring your doves?” “Oh darrrlinnng they are all dead.”  What about the trainer?

“He’s dead too darrrlinnng, but I still love burlesque it’s so elegant.” Pamela Rabe leant in and murmured, “This is not burlesque as you know it Rhonda, Moira is very different.”

We were mutually intrigued, and we knew we had to make it work.  I got her number.   We always knew Rhonda Burchmore was the showgirl of all showgirls, the glam to end all glam – the real deal old school razzle dazzle – Legs up to the ceiling and talent to die for!

But we didn’t know, until we met her, that she is earthy, racy, hilarious, a master raconteur and a woman of such warmth and integrity that once we started to work with her we just couldn’t stop. She is only at The Glory Box for one week!

Rhonda Burchmore at The Glory Box
fortyfivedownstairs – 45 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
Season: 23 – 28 July 2013
Bookings: (03) 9662 9966 or online at: www.fortyfivedownstairs.com

For more information, visit: www.moirafinucane.com for details.

Image: Rhonda Burchmore