Griffin Theatre Replay Alfie GledhillBrotherhood, Men and Memory are placed under the lens when Griffin Theatre Company presents the world premiere of Phillip Kavanagh’s Replay at the SBW Stables Theatre from 9 April 2016.

John saw his brother Michael die. He seems to have forgotten it, until now. His brother Peter saw it too, but remembers things differently. Together, they revisit the past in search of a common truth. But this search has terrifying, unexpected consequences for them both.

Winner of the Patrick White Playwrights’ Award in 2011, Phillip Kavanagh is establishing his voice as a playwright of exceptional delicacy. With Replay, he deeply examines brotherhood, the male bond, and the fallibility of collective memory. How exactly can we lift the burdens of our past?

“Memory is the key to who we are,” says Kavanagh. “Our identity is shaped by the events of our past – our triumphs and failures, our happiness and sorrow, our pride and regret. But the past is malleable, our memories are constantly reconstructed, and we don’t truly remember the major events that shape us, but remember remembering them.”

For Griffin’s Artistic Director Lee Lewis, Replay is “a story very close to home while making us realise that home is something that we are in a constant process of constructing.” As for this intimate story speaking to a broader canvas, Lewis adds that “at a time when we are in a desperate battle to construct a home in this country that is intelligent and inclusive, it is a reminder that our habit of forgetting the past will ultimately undermine our hopes for the future.”

One of Australia’s most dynamic actors, Jack Finsterer has appeared on stage in Griffin’s Don’t Say The Words and The Woman With Dogs Eyes and in Sydney Theatre Company’s Cyrano de Bergerac. His is also known to audiences for many TV and Film roles including Kokoda, City Homicide and Rush.

Born in the Solomon Islands, Alfie Gledhill has appeared in the critically-acclaimed Black Fella Films series The Gods of Wheat Street, the film Dario and ABC’s Hiding. He has also presented for ABC3’s kids program Studio3.

Anthony Gooley is known to audiences for his recent roles with Sport for Jove that include The Crucible, A Doll’s House, The Libertine and his acclaimed portrayal of George in Of Mice and Men. He has recently appeared in Darlinghurst Theatre Company’s Good Works.

Director: Lee Lewis Featuring: Jack Finsterer, Alfie Gledhill and Anthony Gooley Designer: Tobhiyah Stone Feller Lighting Designer: Benjamin Brockman Sound Designer & Composer: Daryl Wallis Stage Manager: Isabella Kerdijk

SBW Stables Theatre, 10 Nimrod Street, Kings Cross (Sydney)
Season: 9 April – 7 May 2016
Bookings: (02) 9361 3817 or online at:

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Image: Alfie Gledhill features in Replay (supplied)