Remembering Pirates

DTC Remembering Pirates - photo by Helen WhiteDisney sanitised J.M Barrie’s original Peter Pan. Like many children’s books of the Victorian era, the original told a darker story. Christopher Harley’s Remembering Pirates is inspired by the original J.M Barrie books and offers an adult cautionary tale with a psychological thriller edge.

The children of J.M Barry’s Peter Pan are now adults and their lives are full of pointless responsibility. They long for their carefree childhood of innocent games, fantasy worlds and imaginary beings. As siblings do, they hold different memories of their childhood and different versions of their past. Letting go of childhood can be difficult for some and for those who refuse, it can be dangerous.

Glenn Terry, Executive Producer said of Remembering Pirates: “Christopher Harley tells an intriguing story and offers profound wisdom. It is one of the most affecting plays that I have ever read.”

Darlinghurst Theatre Company is proud to be supporting the work of a young up and coming Australian writer. Writer Christopher Harley is a 28-year old musician, playwright and intrepid traveler. His most recent travels involved a 1500km solo-walk through the remote villages and mountains along the border of Spain and Portugal.

“Christopher Harley has a unique dramatic voice that I have never heard on the Australian stage,” said director Iain Sinclair. “It makes me want to learn how to stage that brand new voice. There’s a muscular kind of wholesome joy in having to roll up your sleeves and forge a brand new dramatic idiom. This play has a delicate and elusive mechanism.”

“Take care, lest an adventure is now offered you, which, if accepted, will plunge you in deepest woe.” – J.M. Barrie, Peter Pan.

Director: Iain Sinclair Featuring: Robert Alexander, Fraser Crane, Simon London, Stephen Multari, Emma Palmer Production Designer: Alicia Clements Lighting Designer: Daniel Barber Composer: Nate Edmondson Sound Designer: Katelyn Shaw Stage Manager: Ryan Tate Assistant Stage Manager: Marie-Christine Menard-Bergeron

Remembering Pirates
Eternity Playhouse, 39 Burton Street, Darlinghurst
Season: 21 September – 16 October 2016
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Image: photo by Helen White