Regional Arts Australia announces The Recovery Boost

Brim Silo Art by Guido van Helten - courtesy of Visit Victoria AARRegional Arts Australia has announced The Recovery Boost – a one-off targeted investment provided by the Australian Government. The funding recognises that the creative industries are central to thriving and healthy communities across regional, rural and remote Australia and that arts and culture activities are vital in the recovery and renewal process.

The Recovery Boost grant program will be implemented in three stages moving from Relief to Recovery and Renewal.

RAF Relief:
Relief grants are designed to assist regional artists, arts organisations and communities to meet their immediate needs. This could include asset replacement or purchase, support for arts practice (including self-directed residency/research and development), small projects and professional development opportunities.

RAF Recovery:
Recovery grants are designed to meet the medium-term recovery needs of artists, organisations and communities. Projects in this program should focus on activities that assist in recovery from bushfire, drought, and/or the impacts of COVID-19. Project activities could include creative recovery projects, training programs, operational recovery plans, asset purchase or replacement (up to $5000) and the development of risk plans and emergency operating procedures and responses.

RAF Renewal:
Renewal grants will provide up to three years of funding to support projects that have strong partnerships and demonstrated long-term outcomes, with a sustainable future-positioning focus. These projects will be strategic in nature. Collaborations across State and Territory borders will be encouraged. The projects can be process-driven and provide an opportunity to think beyond ‘snap back’ and to consider renewed arts practice and learning processes. Project activities could include partnership projects, community events or programs, First Nations-led renewal and wages for workers (First Nations worker positions will be encouraged).

Applying to the RAF Recovery Boost:
The Recovery Boost funds will be delivered through the mechanisms of the Regional Arts Fund and is a place based program that is designed to meet the needs of each jurisdiction and best practice recovery and responsiveness. More information will be available towards the end of June.

The RAF Recovery Boost program aims to strengthen the fabric of the creative ecosystem across regional Australia with sustainable, long-term support that can inform and strengthen a robust creative sector. For more information, visit: for details.

Image: Brim Silo Art by Guido van Helten – courtesy of Visit Victoria