Radio Variety Hour

The Butterfly Club Radio Variety HourAction! Adventure! Romance! Cabbage! Award-nominated Radio Variety Hour returns to The Butterfly Club with an all-new hour of thrills from 16 December 2015.

It is the 1950’s. Or perhaps it is the modern day. It’s hard to tell. Out of the dimly lit theatre we can just make out three vintage microphones and a table full of unlikely props.

The humble cabbage is transformed into the sickening sound of a dead body falling to the floor. A hot water bottle becomes the screech of an escaping car. This is Radio Variety Hour: three radio serial dramas brought to life on stage that must be seen (err… heard…) to be believed.

Radio Variety Hour is the critically acclaimed and publicly adored creation of Lauren Bok, Bert Goldsmith and Sam Marzden. The three comedians effortlessly create three distinct worlds over the course of the hour. Using a stunning array of live foley, unbelievable vocal skills and off-the-wall imagination it is a production quite unlike any other.

After a sold out national tour, award nominations and rave reviews, these will be the final three performances before the show is laid to rest. This means it will be audiences final chance to hear the tales of Joan Jackson: Female Private Detective, Space Captain Jet Propulsion and the spine-tingling Peculiar Avenue.

Punctuated by recreations of actual 1950’s radio ads, the show walks the tightrope of tightly scripted radio drama and off-the-cuff adlibbing, while maintaining form, character and storyline, Radio Variety Hour is a night of pure visual and aural delight. Packed with action, adventure,  comedy, romance and cabbage, it is not to be missed.

Radio Variety Hour
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Performances: 16 – 18 December 2015 – 7.00pm

Image: Radio Variety Hour (supplied)