Queensland Theatre hands the keys to local theatre makers for a season of daring work

The Good Room I Want To Know What Love Is photo by Stephen HenryQueensland Theatre will open its iconic studio doors for three productions of local theatre works in an exciting initiative called DOOR 3 – which aims to give more Queensland creatives a space to tell stories – on their terms, in their voice, their way.

Through an open expression of interest, this year’s pilot program will select three independent theatre works from local creatives who have a story that is burning to be told in 2024, providing them with access to Queensland Theatre’s up-close and intimate venue, the Diane Cilento Studio.

The initiative aims to empower creatives by providing the DOOR 3 companies with a $5000 cash contribution to fund their production ahead of 100% of Box Office takings. This, along with administrative, production and marketing support allows these theatre makers to focus on what they do best… making theatre.

The program will provide the successful companies with six weeks of access to Queensland Theatre’s spaces, the company’s expansive furniture, prop and wardrobe store, along with copious support from rehearsal to production.

Queensland Theatre’s Associate Artist Daniel Evans (Vietgone, Drizzle Boy, The Almighty Sometimes) says that this new program – named after the door that marks the entrance to the Diane Cilento Studio – honours the incredible lineage of independent theatre-making in this state.

“Queensland is home to some of the most exciting indie theatre companies in the country: Matrix, Polytoxic, Imaginary, Little Red, Dead Puppet Society, Blak Social, Belloo Creative, Grin & Tonic, Counterpilot, Shock Therapy, Ad Astra, THAT Production Company, to name a few, have all created trail-blazing work that started here in Queensland and found their audiences across the nation and overseas,” said Evans.

“Audiences love independent theatre in Queensland because it’s where the most exciting work is happening. Our indie artists in this state are as fearless as they are rigorous and, as a result, the productions beat with a loud, audacious heart.”

“Working with Queensland Theatre to develop this program over the past year, we’ve thought about how generous we can make this invitation, how we can lighten the load and allow makers to spend as much time in the room where the magic happens. To create stunning, immediate and daring work for audiences,” said Evans.

Artistic Director Lee Lewis says DOOR 3 acknowledges the enormous effort it takes to move a work from page to stage. “Theatre creatives across all stages of their career know that getting a show up, in front of an audience, is a process that has many hurdles,” said Lewis.

“We want to throw as many of these hurdles out the window with DOOR 3 and give more Queensland creatives the space, infrastructure and support needed to bring their stories to life.”

Criena Gehrke, Executive Director says that this program now – more than ever – is an important addition to the local arts ecology. “As the state theatre company, we have a deep responsibility to support a strong theatre ecosystem in Queensland,” said Gehrke.

“DOOR 3 is a way for us to provide not only assistance and resources to our independent theatre makers but to champion Queensland artists on Queensland stages. We are also very grateful to the The Jelley Family Foundation, whose support for this initiative has made DOOR 3 possible,” said Gehrke.

Applications are now open for the new DOOR 3 program, with Queensland-based theatre makers, collectives and individuals with work ready to hit the rehearsal room and in need of an audience, encouraged to apply. Expressions of interest close on Sunday 4 February 2024.

For more information about the DOOR 3 program and to apply, visit: www.queenslandtheatre.com.au for details.

Image: The Good Room’s I Want To Know What Love Is – photo by Stephen Henry