PROXY – Geoff Todd

DeathRowKerabokanBaliAn individualist, of strongly held moral and ethical conviction, with an abiding interest in social justice issues, Geoff Todd has always pursued his own distinctive path.

If there is a bandwagon being boarded, he will set out on foot….his work [has been] variously perceived as controversial, sensationalist, borderline-pornographic, subversive, politically incorrect, contentious, pro-Muslim, pro-Christian, anti-religious, and just plain inappropriate….but Todd has never been in any doubt as to his consistent and defining principles.

In PROXY, Geoff Todd combines the ethics of realism with the demands of his imagination and emotional vigour in a series of five presentations; VC Winners, Blood Paintings, Collateral Damage, Floral Tributes and Death Sentence Notes – that question to what extent to we ask others to act on our behalf.

The paintings, drawings and scultpures were created between 1995 and 2008 and are a direct response to a range of major global events; September 2011, the Bali 9 drug smugglers and the consequent imprisonment of Scott Rush and the pervasive loss of life during wartime.

Todd first worked with Genevieve Barry, a recent graduate from the College of Fine Arts and Sydney based arts-writer and curator, in 2012 at the first showing of PROXY at the Healesville Contemporary Art Space.

PROXY – Geoff Todd
Tap Gallery – 45 Burton Street, Darlinghurst
Exhibition continues to 18 August 2013
Free entry

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Image: Geoff Todd, Death Row Kerabokan Bali, 2008