Project: Hysteria

TBC Theatre Project HysteriaThe ambitious and inspiring presentation of two rarely performed one-act plays by Tennessee Williams, The Pretty Trap and Interior: Panic, forms Project: Hysteria and the opening production of the inaugural Poppy Seed Festival.

Considered precursors to The Glass Menagerie and A Streetcar Named Desire, Tennessee’s one-acts not only give entrancing and curious insight into the seeds of his greatest works, but they offer a beautifully fragmented glimpse into the mind of the man, and artist, that created them.

Characters based on Blanche DuBois and Stanley Kowalski made famous by iconic actors Vivienne Leigh and Marlon Brando will be brought to life by TBC Theatre ensemble members Trudi Boatwright, Luke Cadden, Damien Harrison, Fleur Murphy, Vaughn Rae along with guest actors Jessica Redmayne, Annie Last and Edward Orton.

Alister Smith (Pacific Overtures – Nominated Green Room Award, Best Direction) makes his directorial debut with TBC Theatre in Project: Hysteria, supported by lighting designer Daniel Chapman and Green Room Award winning costume designer Chloe Greaves.

“This is Tennessee Williams like you have never seen before – raw, bold and unapologetic,” says Director Alister Smith. “I want to submerge the audience into the imagination of Tennessee and expose the foreshadowing of the theatrical, cinematic, literary icons he is famous for.”

Having squeezed audiences into jail cells and derelict gyms for 5-star-reviewed productions such as Loveplay and Shadows of Angels, the ensemble based company TBC Theatre is fast becoming known for its unusual staging and dedication to producing bold work.

Launching earlier this year, the Poppy Seed Festival is designed to financially and logistically support artists to develop and deliver their work by providing a venue for their performance season, marketing and artistic support, as well as an allocation of $7,500.00 towards production costs.

Director: Alister Smith  Cast: Trudi Boatwright, Luke Cadden, Damien Harrison, Annie Last, Fleur Murphy, Eddie Orton, Vaughn Rae, Jessica Redmayne  Assistant Director: Ben Adams  Set Design: Alister Smith  Lighting Design: Daniel Chapman  Sound Design: Alister Smith  Costume Design:  Chloe Greaves  Production Management: Emily Rowe  Stage Management: Elizabeth Verber

Project: Hysteria
Trades Hall Ballroom, 54 Victoria Street, Carlton
Season: 11 – 22 November 2015

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Image: courtesy of TBC Theatre