Printmaking Off the Beaten Track

Printmaking Off the Beaten Track_coverFollowing on from his previous books Printmaking at the Edge and Critical Mass, Richard Noyce ventures once more beyond familiar centres of art production to explore printmaking off the beaten track.

His journey covers the art of a breathtakingly diverse set of regions, from the Middle East, India, Pakistan and Nepal, to the Eastern Mediterranean, south-eastern Europe and the Balkans and more besides. Some of the countries featured have long traditions of using print techniques in their historic and contemporary art but are rarely, if ever, included in international competitions or art journals.

This rich and compelling resource reveals the innovative and exciting approaches of printmakers around the world and gives readers the opportunity to compare art from different places, challenging our understanding of the means and forms of expression in printmaking, and its place in the contemporary visual arts.

This 176 page book will satisfy curiosity amongst artists, printmakers, students and art lovers about printmaking being done in countries unfamiliar to them.

Richard Noyce is well known in the contemporary art world. He writes and  speaks regularly on the visual arts and, in addition to many reviews  and articles published in British and European magazines, he has  written books on contemporary painting, graphic arts, and printmaking  – in the form of the highly successful Printmaking at the Edge (A&C Black, 2006).

He was  awarded the 1996 AAASS/Orbis Polish Book Prize and is an experienced  international competition juror, serving as President of the Awards Jury at the Kraków International Print Triennial, 2003-2009.

Printmaking Off the Beaten Track is published by Bloomsbury and available at all leading retailers.

Image: Printmaking Off the Beaten Track book cover