Price Check! The Musical

Price Check! The MusicalPrice Check! The Musical returns to Melbourne in concert for 3 shows only from 1 August 2019 at the Alex Theatre, St Kilda.

Price Check! is an Australian musical comedy in 2 acts, exploring the lives of 5 diverse characters in a suburban Melbourne supermarket. Mr Butler is a well paid profit hungry store manager with a bitter divorce and a bad dance routine. Narelle Sims is a middle aged widowed checkout chick slowly working her way through the junior shelf fillers in search of romance.

Zayeeb Dash is a new Indian migrant struggling with the strange Aussie vernacular whilst displaying a unique devotion to his work. Dave Fisher is a geeky store assistant flaunting his arts degree about hoping for an in store promotion to help fix his failed marriage.

Mrs Zimmerman is an elderly Jewish patron suffering from loneliness and a bout of sharp tongue. They all do their best to make meaningful connections in a world full of differences whilst suffering the pressures of their own lives.

Director Sean Weatherly began writing Price Check! in 2006 as much needed therapy to manage the trauma from working in the supermarket retail industry for 14 years whilst attempting to support his performance career. Since then Price Check! has garnered readings at La Mama, the Adelaide Cabaret Fringe Festival and had performed concerts at Theatre Works in St Kilda and the Bakehouse Theatre in Adelaide.

Weatherly has assembled a well seasoned cast including Don Bridges, Jacqy Phillips, Nelson Clemente, Caitlin Mathieson and Mudit Dhami. With the support of the City of Port Phillip Cultural Development fund, local writer and composer Sean Weatherly has joined forces with musician John Thorn to present an orchestration for a 6 piece orchestra including Peter Burgess (bass guitar/tuba), Alex Waite (piano), Stuart Byrne (clarinet), Nichaud Munday (flute), Hamish Upton (percussion) and Tony Frantz (trumpet).

Price Check! The Musical – In Concert
Studio – Alex Theatre, 135 Fitzroy Street, St Kilda
Performances: 1 – 3 August 2019

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Image: Price Check! The Musical (supplied)