Pool (no water)

pool-no-waterA real life Buzzfeed morality tale, Mark Ravenhill’s Pool (no water) is not to be missed – playing for a limited season at Melbourne’s Goodtime Studios from 2 June.

A famous artist invites her old friends to her luxurious home to sample her new swimming pool. For one night only, the group is back together, pretending to be bohemian and carefree – but a horrific accident ends the nostalgia, and puts their host into a coma.

None of them is sure who was first to take out a camera. Before too long her suffering is being claimed, exploited, delighted in, because it makes wonderful art. The group is ecstatic in its new found project until things slip out of their control. To the surprise of all, the patient awakes…

Hypnotic and razor-sharp, Pool (no water) unravels the ideals of friendship, the morality of art and the jealousy and resentment inspired by success. In a day and age where the internet and social media has permeated our lives and connected us so intimately, Pool (no water) is an examination of the every (wo)man taking the utterly distasteful, slapping a new label on it and serving it up for public consumption.

Mark Ravenhill has established himself as one of the most important playwrights to emerge from the 1990s. Provocative, dark, witty and satirical, his plays consistently probe the debased culture of our times. He was educated at Bristol University where he studied English and Drama, and worked for the Soho Poly in London.

His plays include: Shopping and Fucking (1996), Faust is Dead (1997), Mother Clap’s Molly House (2000), Totally Over You (2003), Pool [no water](2006), The Experiment (2009), and Ten Plagues (2011), just to name a few.

Sean Scanlon is an award winning theatre director and actor. The 2006 recipient of the MTC scholarship and a 3DFest winner, Sean has directed and performed in shows at the Malthouse, La Mama and the Arts Centre as well as producing the sold out 2010 Melbourne Fringe show Truthmachine with his company Grounded Astronaut Theatre.

“One of his very best plays. Ravenhill captures excellently the sexual insecurity of adolescence as well as the infinite curiosity” – Guardian

Director: Sean Scanlon  Featuring: Tracey Hare, Leo Milesi, Leo Thompson, Sophia Petridis

Pool (no water)
Basement – Goodtimes Studios, 746 Swanston Street, Carlton
Season: 2 – 10 June 2014
Bookings: www.trybooking.com/EVTF

For more information, visit: www.facebook.com/nowater2014 for details.

Image: by Andrew Laba