Pieces of Shit

TBC-Leigh-Scully-and-Bronte-Charlotte-feature-in-Pieces-of-ShitA swirl of interconnected stories jolts and surprises the audience as, over time, layer by layer, lies are exposed and the truth is laid bare for judgement. Pieces of Shit is an exploration into current, and historical, events surrounding abuse, lies, assault and just how much we are willing to believe.

While the subject matter is not necessarily new,  paths taken within the work explore these issues with fresh angles and give space for deeper insight into the character’s psyche.

Bronte Charlotte and Leigh Scully take on the double roles of writers and performers – stepping up to each with a formidable strength and captivating talent.

The writing is solid and honest, every effort has been made to ensure that these characters feel real – they are relatable in the language they use and the rhythms of their dialogue.

Apart from a few overwritten moments, nothing feels fake nor forced, with a healthy dose of restraint used to keep the work from sliding into cliche.

As performers Charlotte and Scully breathe life into their respective characters with vigour and gusto, fully committing to their character’s arch and journeys with a perfect blend of tragedy and pathos.

Much of the practical staging of the play and the constant transition do cause a disconnect to often happen between the audience and performers, but Charlotte and Scully are able to quickly reestablish their stage presence and draw the audience back into their world.

Nick Clark directs the work with a firm but fair hand, giving the actors room to move and roam within the limitations of their world.

Clark nurtures the complex and sensitive themes with respect, diligently crafting a work that not only brings the crux of the story to light while showcasing each of the creative team’s talents.

Pieces of Shit is a very good first outing from a dynamic creative team – definitely do not let the title fool you, this fast paced play is anything but.

Pieces of Shit
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place (off Little Collins Street), Melbourne
Performance: Tuesday 10 May 2022
Season continues to 14 May 2022
Information and Bookings: www.thebutterflyclub.com

Image: Leigh Scully and Bronte Charlotte feature in Pieces of Shit (supplied)

Review: Gavin Roach