Phelan Groovy

Kurt Phelan in Phelan Groovy2015 was an excellent year for actor Kurt Phelan. After conjuring his inner Patrick Swayze in a national tour of Dirty Dancing he has just completed writing his brand new cabaret, Phelan Groovy – a hilarious, access all areas romp into his mind both on and off stage.

Phelan is no stranger to the stage. He has performed in lead roles in some of the biggest musicals in Australia over the last decade. From Singin’ In The Rain to Priscilla, Queen Of The Dessert, Phelan has seen and done it all. This year, he is taking off the mask and showing his true passion for story telling, song and good old fashioned fun.

“While I love this industry that has supported me so well, I wanted to create something in MY voice, something that is honest, entertaining and deeply personal,” says Phelan, “Also. I just really wanted to have a yarn and sing some e**ffing great songs…”

Phelan Groovy is an hour of unabashed laughter and music that doesn’t take itself too seriously and asks its audience to do the same. It is refreshingly honest and disarmingly joyous, which ensures that it’s moments of dark poignancy come as a genuine surprise.

The music traverses everywhere from Farnsy to Lorde to Music theatre and back again. For who could deny a medley of songs with the word ‘Feelin’ in it, as well. There’s songs from the womb, a pitch for Prime Minister and of course a singalong to boot.

It is the musings of the Larrikin next door, rather than the Diva from the Paris end. With the mantra Never let the truth get in the way of a good story – part biographical, part behind-the-scenes voyeurism and ALL entertainment, Phelan Groovy plays at The Butterfly Club for 5 shows only from 15 March 2016.

Phelan Groovy
The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place, Melbourne
Performances: 15 – 19 March 2016 – 8.30pm

Image: Kurt Phelan in Phelan Groovy (supplied)