Perth Circus Festival: She is Strong

She-is-Strong-Dawn-Pascoe-photo-by-Rachel-Collier-PhotographyCircus, photography and storytelling fuse in an intimate, immersive and powerful show which celebrates the hidden world of circus women, She is Strong will be presented on Thursday 1 July at Studio Underground – State Theatre Centre of WA as part of the 2021 Perth Circus Festival.

Three renowned Circus artists share their strength and vulnerability as they delve into motherhood, injuries and mental struggles; all while supporting one another (sometimes very literally).

This is not a typical circus show, but one that shows real, complex, strong women onstage, who share their stories, their art and their hearts. Making the show even more moving is the way that photography is integrated into the show, to give an insight into not only to the performers private lives, but that of local women too.

“The reaction from the audiences has been overwhelming” says producer and performer Dawn Pascoe. “Every night, people come up to us with tears in their eyes – it has reminded me of the power
and beauty of simply sharing our truth.”

For those wondering what to do with the kids – bring them! It’s a great way to show them strong, vulnerable, honest women – and there’s plenty of circus to keep them enthralled.

The show concept came about when photographer Rachel Collier went camping with Dawn just before the first lockdown. Seeing an image of herself, in her rawness in the bush, Dawn didn’t see her flaws, and instead said ‘whoa, she is strong’… and the rest is history. Or should I say her-story.

“Raw and personal… reminds us that art doesn’t need to be fast-paced or extravagantly produced in order to be deemed beautiful” – Perth Happenings

Co-Directors: Dawn Pascoe, Rachel Collier | Performers: Dawn Pascoe, Crystal Stacey, Bonnie Blewitt | Dramaturg: Ella Hetherington | Photography: Rachel Collier Photography |  Producer: Natural Wings

Perth Circus Festival: She is Strong
Studio Underground – State Theatre Centre of WA, 174 – 176 William Street, Perth
Performance: 1 July 2021 – 6.00pm
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Image: Dawn Pascoe – photo by Rachel Collier Photography